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thundercloud boss fight

by Ornery Bread



thundercloud boss fight, a project made by Ornery Bread using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Dodging, Art, Stick Figure


input/output, simple messaging, visibility, advanced costume handling, detect conditions, cloning, direction and turning, delays, simple events, simple loops, conditional loops, simple conditionals, advanced math, simple motion, advanced motion, advanced events, variables, basic math, simple variables, program control, miscellaneous, advanced animation, resize actor, simple sound playing, music and instruments

  • #Lines:224
  • #Actors:9
  • #Costumes:14
  • #Scripts:32

Text Snippets

  • thundercloud boss fight
  • awake and angry/ idle
  • ugh why am i the villain?!
  • this is your fault i am battling you
  • you all make me want to tornado you!
  • you terorize wildlife!
  • thanks to you some animals are extinct!
  • and trees are dying! and its your fault!
  • the sewers are your fault! they kill 100s of fish all the time!
  • you even harm us by turning us into asid clouds!
  • you are the villians! not me!
  • i dont see why you are not in jail
  • just stop with litering and poluting
  • cause we cant have harmed animals
  • it breaks my heart to see fish die
  • you are the cause of globall warming
  • polar bears are indangered
  • rhinos are as well
  • just stop hurting us
  • look at them they are sick!
  • byby acid clouds
  • see they cant handle acid!
  • you are a bad bully
  • i dont know how much longer i can attack you
  • there is nothing i will do now
  • can you please just save the wildlife?
  • yes no more hurting
  • oh thank you thank you my freind
  • im now gonna leave
  • thanks freind and sorry
  • im gonna destroy you for that!
  • uhhhhhhh the acid

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