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The Super Power

by Vivacious Graph

originally from "15 block challenge" by Spiteful Snowflake



It is pretty funny and cool try it it is really good.


pen size, text handling, simple motion, resize actor, visibility, direction and turning, functions, simple events, input/output, simple sound playing, simple costume handling, simple loops, delays

  • #Lines:133
  • #Actors:1
  • #Costumes:5
  • #Scripts:4

Text Snippets

  • It is pretty funny and cool try it it is really good.
  • i shall destroy you!
  • i have epic super powers!
  • yeah right that guy is a derp
  • mhm totally....mine are epicer!
  • is epicer a word?
  • see that pro skillz? i can grow!
  • oops wasnt supposed to shrink...
  • forget about scene.
  • ?we are showing off our super powers?
  • im mad and when im mad i rage
  • the end of the world
  • that is why i will destroy you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • oh well i geuss i should run before he...
  • thats a, little better...
  • for the fun of it i will bring them back...
  • why did he rage in the first place?
  • Background: Magic Journey
  • Background: Monkey Doodle
  • Background: Racing
  • Background: Robotic
  • Background: Story time
  • Background: Western