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The School President

by Muscular Chinchilla



The School President, a project made by Muscular Chinchilla using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




delays, advanced costume handling, input/output, visibility, simple events, simple messaging

  • #Lines:110
  • #Actors:8
  • #Costumes:22
  • #Scripts:11

Text Snippets

  • The School President
  • main character and her bestie
  • its been days and days...
  • making posters, speeches, meetings with principal, and lots of work
  • it was the final reveal...
  • the final reaveal
  • school president
  • yeah... and only i will be voted for school president!
  • okay, so we have the poster on.
  • lets see if people will still vote for us
  • should we run for school president?
  • okay. i will practice saying the reasons why i want to be school president
  • i want to be school president beacause i want to change this school into a better place!
  • more lunch served!
  • more healthy food!
  • more education!!
  • yes. and lets make more supporting posters!
  • bye ryla! meet me after school tommorow at my house to work on the posters!
  • i'll make the posters and print them and put them everywhere in school!
  • that was amazing!
  • you should say that when we talk in front of all the kids in this school
  • okay! see you tommorow!
  • the reason why i want to be school president is to make this school better
  • so it has more healthier food
  • so it has more food served
  • so it has more classes
  • and it has more education!
  • the reason why i want to be president so we can all be popular ill make you popular if you want
  • so our school president is....