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The Pumpkin King Fight 2 but better

by benny

originally from "The Pumpkin King Fight" by Pumped Llama



The Pumpkin King Fight 2 but better, a project made by benny using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Battle, Boss Fight, Art, Stick Figure, Storytelling, Animation


delays, visibility, simple messaging, cloning, variables, basic math, simple events, simple variables, simple conditionals, advanced costume handling, advanced motion, input/output, detect conditions, simple loops, miscellaneous, advanced animation, resize actor, conditional loops, advanced events, layers, graphic effects, simple motion, advanced math, text handling, simple costume handling, program control

  • #Lines:910
  • #Actors:37
  • #Costumes:66
  • #Scripts:123

Text Snippets

  • shockwave attack
  • hello there! happy halloween!
  • ha ha ha ha ha. we all know why you’re here.
  • you want to put a stop to my halloween fun simply because it’s too spooky for some?
  • welp, that will simply not happen. we all know what’s next...
  • a holiday special battle!
  • but this battle will be like no other. it will be fought as an rpg!
  • hah! because i feel like it!
  • let’s do this!
  • i’ll let you go first. don’t say i wasn’t courteous in our fight.
  • i’m also fair. would you like to know how the game works?
  • i hate learning.
  • fantastic. so, the sword button will allow you to do the most damage to me. you can only attack one enemy at a time though.
  • the shockwave button will do less damage, but hit more targets.
  • the heart button will heal your wounds by 5 hp. the wounds that i will give. heh heh.
  • then i will attack.
  • you can’t dodge my minions’ attacks, but you can dodge mine.
  • when i attack, you can push a button to dodge or combat my attacks. however, do it at the right time, since they have a recharge time for them to appear.
  • when i get close towards you, pay attention to the color of my scythe or arm.
  • push the button that is the same color as my attack.
  • green shockwaves must be blocked with a shield, while yellow ones can only be jumped over.
  • when i lift my hand in the dark, i am about to summon lightning.
  • the second i stop, lift your shield.
  • my pumpkin bombs are only blockable by your shield.
  • and there, that’s how to defeat me!
  • (why did i tell you this?)
  • ugh, let’s just do this.
  • fair enough! that just makes my job easier!
  • floating orb down
  • pumpkin basic attack
  • jump attack ready
  • duck attack ready
  • scythe front attack ready
  • scythe front attack
  • scythe up attack ready
  • scythe up attack
  • slow jump shockwave
  • quick jump shockwave
  • slow shield shockwave
  • quick shield shockwave
  • lightning attack
  • ah, so you’ve beaten me...
  • or so you think...
  • ha’ve saved halloween, but what about the other holidays?
  • what do i mean? you’ll have to wait until christmas...
  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!
  • Scythe Up Attack Ready
  • Scythe Up Attack
  • Scythe Front Attack Ready
  • Scythe Front Attack
  • Jump Attack Ready
  • Duck Attack Ready
  • hero attack made
  • hero defense made
  • front shield button
  • up shield button
  • back shield button
  • pumpkin bomb randomizer
  • drawing copy copy
  • drawing copy copy 1
  • pumpkin minion hp 1
  • pumpkin minion hp 2

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