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The Maze Game 2! 1

by Double Sequin



The Maze Game 2! 1, a project made by Double Sequin using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Scary, Maze, Dodging, Art, Animation


visibility, simple messaging, simple events, delays, input/output, direction and turning, resize actor, simple loops, advanced costume handling, simple conditionals, detect conditions, music and instruments, text handling, simple motion, simple sound playing, advanced animation, expert physics, graphic effects, advanced events, basic math, simple costume handling

  • #Lines:518
  • #Actors:25
  • #Costumes:26
  • #Scripts:167

Text Snippets

  • The Maze Game 2! 1
  • level 5 complete
  • you won the maze game!
  • did you like the game?
  • level 1 complete
  • level 2 complete
  • level 3 complete
  • level 4 complete
  • click me to turn the volume on/off
  • welcome to the maze game 2!
  • this is a game where you get through the maze and avoid the walls.
  • if you crash into a wall, you get a surprise!
  • vistit my account to see the first maze game!
  • new things include: different levels,and new rules!
  • there are five levels.
  • !all copies will be flagged!
  • (see rules for more)

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