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The land of Dragorats

by A-X-O-L-O-T-L



The land of Dragorats, a project made by A-X-O-L-O-T-L using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, My News, Animals


delays, simple variables, advanced costume handling, variables, input/output, visibility, simple messaging, simple events, simple loops, detect conditions, basic math, advanced events, advanced math, simple motion, advanced motion, program control, text handling

  • #Lines:450
  • #Actors:22
  • #Costumes:62
  • #Scripts:53

Text Snippets

  • hey guys, it's me, ilovehyenas410! thanks again for playing one of my games, fresh from tynker! today i just want to thank loving judge for creating "itten world". it's my inspiration for this project! so, here's how to play the land of dragorats. when you press ok, you will see a egg. then it will hatch. out from the egg will be a strange-looking animal that looks like a green rat with wings. this creature is a dragorat. there are many types of dragorats. this dragorat is a leaf dragorat. it will be earning money for you. when you earn enough money, a new dragorat egg will hatch. this new dragorat is a fire dragorat. when you tap a non-hybrid dragorat, it will go to the heart. when two non hybrid dragorats go to the heart at the same time, they will breed. a new egg will hatch, a hybrid dragorat. when you earn more money, more dragorats will come. breed to try to complete the story mode, and you will unlock a mythical surprise dragorat who has all the elements. well, that's all. good luck with your discovery quest!
  • electric dragorat
  • a leaf dragorat!
  • a fire dragorat!
  • campfire dragorat
  • a campfire dragorat!
  • a spice dragorat!
  • a burned dragorat!
  • an ice dragorat!
  • blueflame dragorat
  • a blueflame dragorat!
  • red&blue dragorat
  • a red&blue dragorat!
  • melting dragorat
  • a melting dragorat!
  • a winter dragorat!
  • peppermint dragorat
  • a peppermint dragorat!
  • a frozen dragorat!
  • an electric dragorat!
  • a spark dragorat!
  • a star dragorat!
  • a blaze dragorat!
  • a storm dragorat!
  • shocked dragorat
  • a shocked dragorat!
  • blackwood dragorat
  • a blackwood dragorat!
  • starfire dragorat
  • a starfire dragorat!
  • thanks for completing the story mode!
  • seeya next time!
  • note: you have completed the story mode, but you might have not completed the entire game. there are 19 dragorats besides me. count yours. do you have 'em all? let my creator know if you completed the game 100%!

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