The Funny Game

by Firm Act



The Funny Game, a project made by Firm Act using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Funny, Virtual Friend, Joke


input/output, delays, simple messaging, advanced animation, visibility, advanced costume handling, direction and turning, advanced messaging, simple motion, simple events, simple sound playing, simple loops, detect conditions, basic math, miscellaneous, conditional loops, simple conditionals, music and instruments, simple costume handling, conditional wait, advanced motion, screen bounds

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  • #Actors:7
  • #Costumes:17
  • #Scripts:19

Text Snippets

  • welcome to the funny game!
  • we think you'll love this game.
  • now, here's your host, codey!!!
  • pizza land-bitten
  • your horns're missing.
  • see ya later guys, i..i have to go, uh, bye!
  • oh, right. (ahem,) this is codey! your host for today's game!
  • yes, i know my name now, so you don't have to say it after you already said it a second ago, now please don't interrupt!
  • so, as i was saying...
  • thanks, mr. announcer!
  • so anyway, how about i say a few things about myself?
  • well, i like the color blue, (obviously) and..i'm crazy about pizza....
  • oh, uh, sorry about that, um, i do that all the time.
  • well, let's see, what else can we talk about?
  • is it just me, or did my fur just get hotter?
  • oh, it's probably nothing.
  • how about you say something about yourself?
  • what's your favorite food?
  • mmm, sounds delicious!
  • so anyway, what do you think of a joke?
  • since this is the funny game...
  • so, how 'bout it?
  • maybe something else.
  • what do you get when you cross godzilla with a parrot?
  • i don't know, but if he asks for a cracker, better give it to him!
  • ok, here's another one:
  • canoe let me in, now?
  • by the way, have you seen my friend mr. face?
  • i wonder where he is.
  • thanks. anyway, back to the game.
  • so, i think that it's pretty nice that we could.....
  • as i was saying, it's really great that we all could....
  • well, what i was saying was--
  • oh, there goes the record player again. ugh, those pranking boys.
  • hey boys, haven't you done enough tricks already?!
  • well folks, i gotta go.
  • thanks for watching, don't forget to like.
  • oh, and before you go, don't forget to look for 'the funny game-outtakes' in the community projects, too.
  • thanks, and bye!
  • look, i'm hosting a game show here, mr face. can you step back a little?
  • there you are mr. face! where have you been?
  • hello world, this is....umm....
  • what was my name again?
  • hi mommy, is it time for school yet?


  • background scene - Blue
    background scene - Blue
  • background scene - Pizza Land
    background scene - Pizza Land
  • background scene - Pizza Land-bitten
    background scene - Pizza Land-bitten
  • blue dragon 1 - blue dragon 1
    blue dragon 1 - blue dragon 1
  • Mr Face - inoccent
    Mr Face - inoccent
  • Mr Face - image silly
    Mr Face - image silly
  • Mr Face - knocked out
    Mr Face - knocked out
  • Mr Face - wink
    Mr Face - wink
  • Mr Face - normal
    Mr Face - normal
  • Mr Face - shout
    Mr Face - shout
  • explosion - explosion1
    explosion - explosion1
  • explosion - explosion2
    explosion - explosion2
  • explosion - explosion3
    explosion - explosion3
  • explosion - explosion4
    explosion - explosion4
  • explosion - explosion5
    explosion - explosion5
  • angry dinosaur - angry dinosaur
    angry dinosaur - angry dinosaur
  • axe - axe
    axe - axe
  • axe - axe copy
    axe - axe copy