the dream scape

by Faint Mouse

originally from "Where There Be Dragons" by Mean Robot



Build your own story with multiple scenes. Use conditional logic to make a story with a bunch of endings!


advanced animation, input/output, simple events, delays, visibility, advanced motion, basic math, advanced costume handling, simple sound playing, direction and turning, simple conditionals, text handling, simple messaging, simple motion, screen bounds, miscellaneous, conditional loops, fill color, detect conditions

  • #Lines:101
  • #Actors:4
  • #Costumes:4
  • #Scripts:10

Text Snippets

  • ever since third grade, emily had the same recurring dream.
  • years later, while on a jungle trek, something strange happened.
  • first, she heard a whoosh...
  • the dream was always the same. she was a valkyrie princess in a strange land.
  • and a deep, rumbling voice repeated...
  • emily! find me at sunrise atop the gray hill!
  • hello emily! do not be afraid.
  • oh...ok... so actually you should be scared because i just got a call from my boss saying "the plan was to do something to her!"
  • this is the end for all of us... :'(


  • background scene - city landscape
    background scene - city landscape
  • background scene - dream
    background scene - dream
  • background scene - jungle
    background scene - jungle
  • mountain - mountain 4
    mountain - mountain 4
  • pink monster - pink monster 2
    pink monster - pink monster 2