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The Dragon's Quest 1

by Husky Citadel

originally from "The Dragon's Quest" by Candid Baseball



The Dragon's Quest 1, a project made by Husky Citadel using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Animation, Art


delays, basic math, simple loops, simple variables, miscellaneous, variables, simple conditionals, simple sound playing, advanced math, conditional loops

  • #Lines:682
  • #Actors:22
  • #Costumes:52
  • #Scripts:113

Text Snippets

  • The Dragon's Quest 1
  • enemy three arrow
  • seal single bark
  • Seal Single Bark
  • heruu! me am navy seal!
  • papa told me to train yuuu!
  • so use de joystick to mooo your knight!
  • waaasssss it ez?
  • now press de a tack button!
  • gud job! i will help you more later!
  • wow! you survived!
  • i gave you a smol upgrade as a rewerd!
  • yuuu can boi more in the shop!
  • your first mission is to du feet the enumies on the beach and make it into the enumy ship!
  • harru! you did great!
  • da ship iz leaving now!
  • sorviv the ride and you will make it te the dragons lair!
  • so... you finally arrived...
  • mask falling off
  • now i can finally show you who i am...
  • i am the dragon!
  • i led you here. i also killed papa!
  • i will finish you now...
  • after i throw a few weak minions at you.
  • i should have just killed you where you stood!
  • bottom message box
  • i...will...get... revenge!
  • death is... what you... get... and deserve! i will see the death....... of... you!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mask falling off
  • buy next upgrade?
  • not enough money