{TDW 25} The End Is Near

by Cryptic Waffle



{TDW 25} The End Is Near, a project made by Cryptic Waffle using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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basic math, simple variables, delays, lists, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, simple loops, string handling, variables, conditional loops

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  • #Actors:108
  • #Costumes:190
  • #Scripts:378

Text Snippets

  • news template launched! create your own news app! remix the template, best ones will get shoutouts!
  • the daily waffle is unfeatured along with color swap, all my veiws and likes down the drain this is an outrage! i have a screenshot of my views and likes to prove it, please bring it back!
  • thank you for at least bringing back color swap, please re-feature this along with escape mr. spyder & insecto blog/soccer by insecto games/hazy phisisist? - we don’t deserve this glitch!
  • new waffle spring
  • https://www.tynker.com/code/view/5bbbc7ebc762c122987e6309/index.html
  • check out color swap! {its featured!}
  • studies show that the awesome and world famous cryptic waffle, has 3 unfinished projects that we could see in the following months-mabye-i don’t know anymore.
  • we hit 7 million, i have made my “rewards” next one is @ 10 million, the glitch is going to mess things up
  • i still need to release games for 4,5,6 & now 7 million views!
  • 4 million veiws - new game released, havent even released the 3 million one!
  • 3million = most complex game yet! - thank for the support!
  • surprise at 15k !?
  • q: cats or dogs?
  • a: cats, they are amazing... meow!
  • over time cryptic waffle has published 24 awesome projects, but that number is expected to constantly be increasing!
  • 95% of people think that when you copy a project, at least make sure that the original can be found on the pause menu, and that you should not act like you made the whole thing!
  • science shows that taking time to make all buttons, characters, ect. look nice, makes your projects look less sloppy, and 10000% better!
  • you are playing a plagerized copy of an awesome game by pcpixel! search for the original, and report this copy at once!
  • you are playing a plagerized copy of an awesome game by cryptic waffle (formerly pcpixel)! search for the original, and report this copy at once!
  • the daily waffle, {edit}, {edit} {pro}, {edit} {ar}, color swap, cash clicker, {pac-man}, {penguins n portals}, sweets slicer & forest quiz are all featured! i have the most in tynker!
  • can i get 11? find out on the next episode of... that one show where cryptic waffle gets featured!
  • tynker should add better cross-platform support! when you get featured on the website for a mobile project, and it won't work on the desktop, it greatly affects your like count!
  • q: what projects do you have for the web edition?
  • i finished my html website and its super cool and you should check it out!
  • a: {continued} edit pro for mobile now works on the web!
  • would you like the link to my website?
  • now it's time for my favorite games! {that i made}
  • 3rd place - lazy llamas - i like this game because it was a fun concept, and the llamas are awesome!
  • 2nd place - penguins n portals - it took me forever to build {mostly the scrolling bg from scratch with no help!} but the overall game is fun and somewhat relaxing!
  • 1st place - {edit} {pro} {mobile} - i could'nt leave this one out! it got featurd, and it is the project that took my the longest to make. the original {also featured} project edit was awsome, but edit pro is better. when i was building it, the game reset my project... twice, but now edit pro is amazing!
  • {developer tips}
  • 1. keep your projects orginized! name all characters, variables, brodcast commands accordingly! this makes building a large project way easier!
  • 2. ideas - every project needs to start with a good idea! look at featured or recent projects to get ideas! dont copy them, you need to make your project from scratch! even if it's be done before, starting from scratch makes your projects unique, and often better than others!
  • 3. take time - spend time refining your projects especialy the drawing! i have seen a huge amount of featured project that look like someone made everything in 2 secs.! the drawings in my projects take me just as long as coding them!
  • the latest & greatest!
  • the daily waffle has 1.8 million views, until the glitch :(
  • there are now 2 pages!
  • tap the button with the paper icon to try it out!
  • my new project - cryptic code - is the first project that i expected to get featured, and then it didnt :(
  • its really good, go check it out
  • q: so how do you get your projects featured?
  • a: i take my time, i don't normally publish beta projects..
  • a: {continued} i like to perfect every aspect of my projects before i publish them.
  • moo moo.io beta -nice👌
  • fitness fitbits -so funny! 👌
  • {the future of the daily waffle | the pixel post}
  • music and possibly seasonal effects might be comming!
  • q: how do you feel about the daily waffle?
  • a: i love that it got featured and many people enjoy reading it!
  • i sometimes want to add super cool features to my projects, but i sometimes just don't feel like doing so, if you know what i mean.
  • jenna : it’s ok, i’m more worried about plain old plagerizim where you paste your logo over the top of mine, or name the project something else. i am not worried, you can unpublish your letter to me so it’s not sitting on your account.
  • claire: 1) i like the art, it would be cool to see it colord! 2) i get featured by creating original ideas, perfecting them, and making them look nice if it’s drawings (penguins n portals) or if it’s images (edit pro). if your can play your game for 5 min. and not get bored, then it has a good chance! if it looks like a 3 year old made it, make it look better, looks & gameplay are important, see you on the featured page?
  • re: insecto, much better - it’s bright and reminds me of the original! - this text box will be removed
  • ‼️my project, google dino dash, has been copied and featured twice, the people reviewing this should know better!! the people who copied it didnt even remove my logo, if thats not enough proof, i want whoever is reading this, even the person moderating this stuff, go play ⚠️: hacked [google dino dash] 1 ⚠️by grayt
  • cryptic waffle is sleeping, expect fewer updates and less content
  • check out my new projects - campfire chaos, zen, cryptic code!
  • make projects with new ideas, repetitive ideas are not as likely to get featured.
  • q: what is your favorite type of candy?
  • a: skittles or snickers
  • zen released for 4 million, campfire chaos for 5 million, cryptic concepts editor for 6 million, what’s next?
  • this is too easy! - make something, get featured, repeat
  • shoutout to my project penguins n portals! check it out!
  • its been un-featured forever, and then i changed 1 thing and now its featured
  • draw it! beta is very simmilar to edit pro!
  • so is super drawing tool, and pandood's art studio
  • google dino dash is my better attempt at "google dino run"
  • tynker photobooth is competing with my edit ar
  • mabye i should play this game more often to keep up with this stuff?
  • a: it's super fun and it allows me to be creative!
  • on oct 2-3 my likes and views quadrupiled! thank you soo much!
  • edit ar released!
  • edit ar featured!
  • introducing apples! a spooky wack a mole type game!
  • the contest ended! shout out to kismat {pumpkin clicker} and nolan {the pumpkin king fight}!
  • this article is for the creator kismat
  • the pumpkin clicker game was a good entry that got featured. i liked the game, everything worked well, but i wish you had more than 2 upgrades to choose from. overall, great job!
  • now that the contest is over, you can remove the fcc/ in front of the project name! this is optional, for example your project will be named pumpkin clicker, instead of fcc/pumpkin clicker
  • this article is for the creator nolan
  • the pumpkin king fight was an amazing game! i loved the purple fog animations. the bossfight was well made, but i wish it was possible to win, because its too hard. great job! i think its too late to anounce a crismas contest... let me think about it
  • as you can see, i am changing my username, and the name of this project
  • i will always have both logos in my projects from now on
  • why cryptic waffle?
  • idk, i thought it was cool, and i want one username across platforms.
  • me and littleozwald having freindly compition in our art apps! we both end up with projects better than real apps, and become millionares! lol!
  • i’m enjoying it, and you are probably loving the new features!
  • it all started in 2018 sometime in june or september i don’t really know, but i made a bunch of smaller projects like chopper challenge & 2 player pong, i made my first featured project “project e.d.i.t.” now looking back at it, it’s still good, but poorly drawn. it might have been my first published project, and now i rarely ever draw my actors, using images gives a much more polished look that can boost likes & chances of being featured. over time i made more and more featured projects, they took a long time, and after the early days of publishing whatever i made, i ended up with 9 featured projects in a row. i focused on quality & released edit pro, a massive update for project edit. i stopped playing the game, and left like 20 small/large experiments in my unpublished section.
  • i came back and found littleozwald did a massive update to super drawing tool. within weeks i was back at it, and edit pro became 5x better than it was before. the competition between us was the most fun i ever had with the game. i then designed bright & colorful thumbnails for my quality projects which help bring in views & likes, and i’m currently working on finishing my experiments.
  • self taught - i heard someone say that only paid users get featured because the stuff they learn is used in their featured projects, this is a huge lie! i have never even touched a tutorial (or at leased followed the instructions) i am 100% self taught
  • top things that made me (possibly you) famous | quality - no one cares if you post ali a intro music or oh yeah mr crabs | not hand drawn - tynker sucks as a drawing app (no offense) - only draw for cute adventure/dress-up games | cover images - create a bright poster that reflects what the game is about + use code on start > go to front > hide (scale from 260-300)
  • bossfight revolvo 1 got featured, its a copy of an old update by littleozwald
  • tynker should know better, he just added a new cover to the real one yesterday!
  • tynker - rewarding copycats since the start of the plagerize (remix button)
  • also, campfire chaos was not featured, its better than oh yeah mr crabs & dab squidward, so why is it not featured?
  • if my new game (with 10k lines of code) does not get featured, then i might quit, expect me to stay!
  • there are many people claming to be the original creator of cute wolfy dressup
  • one is currently featured.....
  • but the original is made by one of the most popular older creators.....
  • a entire year ago! by i love cake in 2018!
  • it was last updated 3 months ago, and has 150+ remixes, and is also featured!
  • watch for scams and dont lie or take credit for your own work!
  • cute wolfy dressup is acctully one of 512 remixes of a game made by i love cake, it just glitched and didnt count as a remix!
  • marble run 1 1 also got featured however the original was made by a user without an account!
  • when people copy old featured project, moderators dont know that they are copied - i’ve been playing for about a year (when i got edit featued) so ive seen the originals!
  • order thumbnails, logos, concepts, oc and more! check out my project cryptic concepts for more info!
  • welcome to {the daily waffle} {vol.22} 👉click the flame icon for cover stories. tap the story images to read them❗️ leave some ♥️ for more news‼️
  • check your inbox! {top left} and special events! {top right}
  • i have been in community highlights 4 times, 2 with my old username!
  • i have filled 6 orders in cryptic concepts!
  • and often people say nice things like how they think i’m good at coding!
  • this setup is the opposite of the toxic community of people who plagerize others!
  • as you can see, a lot of my projects are hand drawn, but in a seperate app. in fact, edit pro used to be hand drawn, the original drawings are still in the code!
  • why are you using this dougnut for news, and using images?
  • it’s a beta/falied attempt at a redesign for a seperate section of cover stories, longer than 2 sentances.
  • have a home computer or tablet?
  • you can download tynker for free (mobile) or log in on the website!
  • the sign in button on the app is in the top right!
  • just use your username/email & password!
  • keep coding! during the summer! (i might hold a contest)
  • 2 orders left, remember new orders are on the 2nd page!
  • july 1st - 4th exclusive stories each day - design tips and more!
  • i woke up today to see that my game color swap lost all its views and likes as if it was unpublished, now i dont have 12k and 7 million, and its not featured, now all the people who copied it look like they made it and now i dont have 9 featured projects, and no one answers me when i contact customer support, and i will never get that feature back and the thousands of likes, and a millon + views. i am so mad right now that this rant might last untill 2050! this happened to littleozwald as well, and why should i have to pay, its a coding app and time and time again, tynker has consistintly had fatal crashes in its system! i will leave the game if they dont answer, they have failed me on a number of levels, and if someone doesnt fix this... i might leave! now please have a moment of silence for color swap and all the hard work i put into the physics, only to have the veiws and likes go down the drain, and people plagerizing and trying to claim it as there own!
  • thank you so much for re-featuring me! i am so happy! too bad about my likes and views, but i am just so happy right now!
  • please re-feature this, thank you for bringing back color swap!
  • 4 days of fun event is over, i will post the 2 missing articles later, i’m in the middle of chaos!
  • summer fun launched, i make fun new games + exclusive content for summer users to enjoy!
  • campfire chaos & headline redesign is part of the summer fun project!
  • i’m make lots of upgrades, and trying to focus on fun content, because so many people leave in the summer
  • expect lots of news stories, and fun ones, starting june 5-6
  • wondering if i should hold a contest?.......
  • this probably will not apply to you, just trying to deal with a hater
  • was your oc/logo on this story
  • ⚠️if you are reading this to snoop, this is not about you!
  • if you copied me, you might have ran into some.... text
  • if you have a complaint (mostly this article was talking about my 1 hater)
  • good coders do this:
  • they make there own content
  • they only copy for learning and delete the copy when they are done!
  • they dont complain about nice, neat, better, images! yes, this new “blog” uses images, the old one, everything - bg = hand drawn
  • they dont brag about a news app they have that dosent even exist
  • no hurt fealings, this was not even a story, more of a rant :(
  • i don’t copy for learning/plagerizing/publishing/complaining about dialog
  • i do [orders dont count]
  • this is a long but awesome article, are you sure you want to read it?
  • yes, nobody likes when the image for their project is every single actor in the project.
  • but the truth is, a bad cover can be worse than nothing at all
  • here are some tips to get your cover perfect:
  • 1) use a 4:3 aspect ratio when using a seprate app to make a cover, when you import the cover set it’s scale to 260, layer to 100+, then use code on start | go to front | hide
  • edit the image in the drawing screen, use the fill tool to fill the outer edges with one color that maches the cover best
  • 2) use high quality images (try using pexels) small images will blur when scaled, using backgrounds with lots of stuff going on is disracting (like glitter)
  • use a collage (or photoshop) app if you are adding more images/photoshop-ing the original. adding text can also be done in those apps
  • 3) text should be readable and catch your eye, if it’s too small, or too fancy, people can’t read it
  • also, you may not nail it on your first try, if the cover dosent work, try again
  • 4) whole design | your poster should fit the game you made, contain a title, and mabye be funny
  • for example, if you have a soccer game you made, try a goalie picking flowers. it still relates to soccer, but using stereotypes can often bring more creative covers
  • if you have a news app (like this one) or a big update, the cover should tell people whats new
  • adding your logo/oc (order one from cryptic concpets if you need one) on your cover is a great idea! it helps stop plagerisim, also put your logo/oc throughout your project for even more protection!
  • that’s all for now, you just clicked through millions of text boxes! hopefully you learned something, if not i’m sorry about the text boxes you clicked
  • ozwald is a type of font, there are many different varients.
  • he is also a lucky rabbit from disney, heres a discription i found on some fandom page :
  • he was quite energetic, inventive, adventurous and almost always caused trouble, but found his way out through cunning and wit. oswald loved to play and make others laugh, but despite his flaws, he has morals and always tries to do the right thing.
  • only littleozwald knows why he has that username, i have a feeling he will answer
  • littleozwald has responded, check out his news!
  • copied projects keep getting featured
  • dressups are way too popular, people need to get creative
  • coming soon... custom sound?
  • cash clicker - july update
  • cryptic concepts 2 orders left!
  • made art using the cryptic concepts editor? i would like to see it!
  • new games, but not yet, ‘cause i’m lazy!
  • < < scrolling text . . . . . .
  • i have wrote over 50,000 lines of code!
  • i have 10 featured projects, the most in tynker!
  • tap the nutshell to open and close the tab!
  • new sprite editor in cryptic concepts
  • running a news app is a ton of work - leave a like!
  • the waffle workshop is way better
  • the ozwald times was inspired by the daily waffle!
  • i try to update the nutshell everyday
  • i would only pay money to unlock avatars & text coding tutorials, i don’t need the rest
  • tynker’s plans are allways 25% “off” - the only good “deal” is when it’s 30% off
  • potatobugsinspace is “inspired” by my penguins n portals!
  • we hit 7 million!
  • i lost 2,356,463 views & 2,410 likes to a glitch r.i.p ; (
  • i am the leader of news
  • exploding waffles - served fresh every month
  • for some reason i live in a nutshell...
  • i had to update the cryptic concepts logo
  • i was the 4th top creator of all time! after the glitch, i’m 56th :(
  • forever alone... um... let’s not go there..... uh.... hi?
  • 75% of the population stops playing tynker in the summer
  • customer support took 2 months to respond!
  • this coding app has bugs!
  • me: what’s new? the developers: bug fixes
  • my parents are proud of me, right mom? ... dad?
  • get with the times, new roman
  • some people think they are artists, key word “think”
  • that one collage kid with windows down & music up
  • think [outside the box]
  • but wait, there’s more..........
  • >creative title<
  • back in my day, we had to get up and walk!
  • with great power comes great fun - me
  • i’m better than you, and you know it!
  • the featured page is for people that try
  • a waffle is.... a breakfast item, i rarley ever eat them, unless they have whipped cream, ice cream, and chocolate sauce!
  • cryptic means secret, and words with a “y” in the middle look cool, and i code, so it fits.
  • i honestly don’t know what gave me that idea, but after i drew my oc, i had to keep the name, because the waffle is so amazing!
  • to have a username show up, create a free account using the sign in button on the app
  • then press the “dont have an account? sign up” button
  • create a free account with a username and password, this requires an email
  • then to change your screen name, go to the website > sign in > profile > pen icon top right > edit screen name > save changes
  • that is why you are “unknown” note : it might take 24 hours for your username to appear everywhere
  • as you can see, doge clicker 1 1 - a copy of an older update of doge clicker by littleozwald was featured!
  • i hate to rant, but please stop! also, show some support, leave a like for the original by littleozwald
  • a new 8-bit art request project has come to the market....
  • competing with the waffle is a dangerous game....
  • a new beta feature has come to cryptic concepts
  • self-serve | instant delivery | 8-bit | no shoutout required | easy | quality
  • out now! open cryptic concepts, press the purple button!
  • the great sprite fight has begun!
  • if you make something awesome using the cryptic concepts editor, and use it in one of your projects - use #ccspritefight to vote for me!
  • if you ordered yours form insecto sprites, and used it in a published game use #igspritefight
  • btw - more detailed mode for the cryptic concepts editor is here
  • may the best art request app win!
  • fun fact: i sometimes wake up at 5am, and update this news app
  • fun fact: i want to reach 2 million views!
  • fun fact: i will hold a contest if we do it soon
  • fun fact: i improved the cryptic concepts editor to support more complex characters, and win the sprite fight
  • fun fact: the waffle workshop is the best sprite maker
  • fun fact: i ran out of fun facts!
  • check out cryptic concepts! i added a ton of new stuff!
  • the update might be “in review”
  • check just to make sure, i will still add more!
  • compete and defeat! - thats what i do!
  • the moment you released insecto sprites, i made an amazing editor
  • after that point, you have been scrambling to beat me
  • after completing all 21 of my orders
  • i saw that you came out with a 3d editor...
  • you were calling the shots now....
  • or so you thought...
  • my amazing 3d editor (in cryptic concepts) is in review as i speak!
  • yes, i will add sizes and more colors, so yeah dont even use that against me
  • you mess with the waffle, you get...
  • um... let me think on that one
  • the end is no longer near... it’s here!
  • this will explain ground rules that both me and insecto games must follow, there are 3 of them
  • 1} no looking in the opponet’s code, or copying their code, you can use ideas, but everything must be done by yourself with no help from the other
  • 2} what happens here stays here - this fight is only beetween our art request apps, not other games
  • we are not enemies, the competitive battle is all for fun
  • 3} no false claims - when you said your 3d editor has more space than mine, you know that’s a lie, mine has the whole screen.
  • copying - first off, i was the first to have a pixel editor - so don’t even
  • second, althouh you had the 3d editor first, i still made mine from scratch, and put my own spin on it
  • you say copying makes you look bad, i agree, but you know what makes you look bad? the fact that even though my 3d editor came later, mine is way better.
  • side note - the green & purple frame for this story is what i will use for future sprite fight updates, the rest of the community, i’m sorry if you think i’m toxic, regular news coming soon!
  • unrelated - check out the quote of the day, in the nutshell tab
  • “compitition brings out the best in products and the worst in people”
  • the sprite fight is just about over, we each removed our toxic comments about each other!
  • we will both add new features still, like my vip package
  • thanks insecto for playing fair, gg - it was as fun as the battle me and littleozwald had with our drawing games!
  • until super drawing tool glitched and unfeatured :(
  • i will be adding “cube packs” to the cc editor.
  • new vip cube package coming soon!
  • creator based editor cubes for different people
  • i add nice people, good coders, and others
  • if you have a logo, it’s easier for me to make you a block
  • you can’t request a block for yourself, you just are worthy
  • okay kids, it’s safe now, we stopped fighting
  • having a battle is a great way to learn new coding skills, and have fun
  • so, who’s next?
  • just kidding, i’m too lazy to compete right now.
  • i’m no longer toxic anymore!
  • keeping it interesting in the slow summer months for this app.
  • chloes dressup is a copy of dragum dressup, originally by an unnamed creator (unarmed pick) most recently updated 5 months ago
  • you would know this because after the copy got featured, the person who plagerized it changed the project’s name to chloes dressup, to take credit
  • report the copy!
  • 20 bucks this could be the same person who copied “dougnut maker!” and “yet another dressup!”
  • the next is probably someone else, but a copy of youtube clicker by antipolix got featured
  • you know what to do, report or at least unlike the featured copies, and search for/ like the original
  • nobody thinks you are good at coding when you copy/plagerize, it just proves that you don’t know how to code, and that you want “free” likes
  • people who acctully try, are dissapointed, leaving the app forever
  • just because you copy, doesnt mean you have to publish it
  • you can still look at a copy in your account without publishing it
  • dressup games are over rated, not original!
  • cryptic concepts takes long to review, its borderline breaking the gidelines
  • updated header and footer ( where scrolling text is)
  • new inbox and special event icons
  • smoother animation for cover stories
  • nutshell tab updated to look beautiful
  • insecto has been “deleting” his featured projects and replacing them with new ones, to make it look like they are featured
  • i was considering doing that same thing about 3 months ago, and then he started doing it and i was like “no way”
  • so anyways, i see insecto blog... on top of the daily beetle & insecto news now
  • are the other 2 dissapearing? also, i hope this isn’t the sprite fight all over again
  • if it is, then it’s called... word war one! - the same ground rules from the sprite fight apply
  • no looking in code, nothing too insulting..... ect...
  • i really dont want to go there, because i dont want to be doing this all summer.
  • but im prepeared, so watch what you get yourself into...
  • this isnt a threat... just keep doing whatever i guess, unless mabye you want to, but i would prefer not
  • new event! part of the summer fun project!
  • any new featured games (not copied) that i like, the creator will get a shoutout/highlight in an article!
  • dress up games & clickers don’t count, they are so unoriginal and repetitive/boring!
  • i’m looking for creativity, quality, and fun!
  • you can’t request shoutouts, i just give them!
  • get coding, get famous!
  • part of the summer fun project! - things you see/hear, but don’t understand.... and should
  • 1) logo - a design/symbol that represents a company, brand, product, or in this case... users
  • there are 3 types of logo’s... text based - just fancy text, sometimes with hidden design elements - when you see pepsi in plain text - not the icon part - the letter “e” has a wavy line to look like soda!
  • icon based - a simple icon with no text - like the red white & blue pepsi logo
  • and the last one - both icon and text together - like my cryptic concepts logo - the name is a text based logo, and the waffle icon is also part of the logo
  • this type of design is good because you can use just the icon when you have a smaller space, or use both the text and icon
  • 2) oc - what is an oc? you have heard the term before...
  • an oc is an origninal character. my cryptic waffle is an oc because it is a character, however it is also a logo because that is how i brand my work
  • there is no such thing as a “uc”
  • 3) ui - user interface - a ui involves anything the user interacts with - buttons - tools...
  • 4) bugs & bug fixes - a “bug” is a glitch or error in a code, something that’s not supposed to happen
  • bug fixes are updates that fix the problems, most often tiny bugs - no one likes bugs - (insecto did not hear that)
  • 5) w.i.p - work in progress - not done yet - that’s what it means
  • 6) cryptic - yes, i’m the most popular (and oldest) person on the app, and i know you know what a waffle is (unless you live under a rock) so here we go..
  • cryptic means mystery - concealed in secrets - perplexing - puzzling
  • i might add more terms - so check back!
  • let’s start with the basics, a logo - a design/symbol that represents a company, brand, product, or in this case... user
  • a logo is important, it helps people know who you are, and with skill people will come back to you for quality content
  • building your “brand” means more views, having an icon or symbol like an amazing waffle is very important
  • changing your logo or name after having the same one for so long can be devistating. “customers” know you, so if you change your name or logo and they don’t hear about it, you just lost money or in this case likes
  • here are basic rules for logo design:
  • your logo should be original, it should not remind you of some other company, it shouldnt be an image of any sort, or even worse have the shutterstock logo
  • combining images is lazy in logo design, use images for ideas, hand drawing your logo creates the best 1 of a kind logo. in general use bright colors, say away from darker nasty shades like the color i call puke green.
  • when you have a hand drawn logo (draw it in an app) and it looks rough, order from cryptic concepts because it’s easy for me to trace, and i can snap lines and circles so they are perfectly smooth.
  • shoutout to the order that i recevied for twisty coding - that logo is super original, fits the name, and looks amazing!
  • remove un-needed details - the logos that have a lot going on are harder for me to draw, and can be destracting. keep it simple
  • does the logo scale properly? can it fit in the header of a website? is it a shape like a fat rectangle? can you read it still?
  • take in mind all the tips you just read, create the perfect logo!
  • come back tomorrow for the next day of the event!
  • covers are everything, ugly cover = less views = less likes
  • background images shoud be simple and beautiful, glitter and sand or other textures like that are horrible for covers
  • stay away from colors like “puke green” and really dark colors
  • say no to yellow font with yellow backgrounds
  • make sure images are cropped correctly (transparent elements) , white blobs look ugly.
  • try until you get it right.
  • on june 2nd i woke up to find my project color swap glitched and un-featured + all it’s likes and views down the drain!
  • i warned everyone about the glitch on this app right here, and then
  • this had the glitch happen too! i lost 1.8m views & 1.8k likes in this project alone, please help me recover! leave a like!
  • the person moderating re-feature both projects! (thank you!) , but i still lost 2 million + views and 2 thousand + likes!
  • i’m back though, so more content soon!
  • i hope they fix insecto blog/soccer & escape mr. spyder
  • this is one of the delayed stories from the four days of fun event
  • my news app has been around for ages, back when jilly, kismat, erikajane, even littleozwald & that person who made “abductions” (one of the best games ever) ruled the land (featured page). i remeber one day i saw a random “news” project in the recent page. it only had a few boxes and was just about their games and random people. never even saw the username on the featured page, just some random person. so....
  • i thought “i like the idea, but the project is *bad*, let’s “blow it up”. so that is exactly what i did, i made an entire news app with stories, not just about me, but some tips tricks & shoutouts. fun fact: i have a working version 4 of this news app in my unpublished section (it was used as a backup because tynker is very glitchy, and still is in different ways) back when i was pcpixel, i started with project edit getting featured, took off from there, got 9 featured projects and made some junk test games along the way. stayed around for a while and left tynker for almost a year...
  • what made me come back, was that there were multiple drawing apps on the featured page, and i’m like mine is still better. so i turned into an evil... um.. bad guy? and decided to go to “war”. edit pro got a new look, and a massive feature dump. littleozwald had super drawing tool in the making (now un-featured, rip) and we were at war. i had an idea generator and when littleozwald came out with his, there was a full day of “i have 40 ideas” “but i have 63 ideas” “ha, i have 100 ideas” anyways, when we both got to 100 we added more features. littleozwald’s glitched and unfeatured, but is still playable. that is how the fight ended, it was fun and got me back. i changed my username to cryptic waffle, did more upgrades, had a sprite fight, and now i’m here. in the begining, i used one drawing app to make this news app, everything was hand drawn. now i use about 7-10 design/image/art apps and websites to keep it running.
  • this shows you that i spend way too much time making this. i update it more than tynker updates thier blog (btw they never tell us what they are adding to the app, or get people ready for the next big update) i update this thing sometimes more than 5 days a week, this news app is so good that it’s almost a constant stream of news. (except for when i’m gone) i will leave you with some advice...
  • use outside apps and websites for content because it’s faster & better.
  • dont copy/plagerize, only copy an idea if you take that idea and make it 1000x better, it’s not (really) copying if yours is way better
  • make apps that you would want to play, if you think it’s ugly, hard to use, boring, others feel the same, fix it
  • and what ever you do, dont make a dressup game :) the world has seen so many dressup games that it has become blind and passes right over them
  • new game, make your own news app! remix it and your own stuff, best news apps will get shoutouts! get creating! summer freebie!
  • can’t wait to see what you make!
  • edit pro unfeatured, fix this glitch, i lost another 1.4m views and 1.9k likes! happend to kenzie news as well
  • i only leave a like on funny projects or ones i want to bookmark, very rarely do i give out likes
  • to get a like because your project is amazing is an honor, the following people have recived a like!
  • the first award goes to lashen for snakes and ladders!
  • the game is creative and well made! there is nothing like it on tynker, it looks and feels like a finished product!
  • and the next award goes to lucas for snow adventure!
  • i like the drawings and animation, and it’s not a dressup or a plagerized game!
  • if you would like a shoutout, dont contact me, make an original, high quality game! and if you need a logo, go to my project cryptic concepts!
  • this might be goodbye
  • the featured page is currupt with more copied projects than ever before, i counted 14 at once, and now its worse.
  • arm yourselves, get a logo, use it as much as you can
  • people are steal other’s work faster than they can make it.
  • report all copies on the featured page!
  • i have seen doge clicker, chicken clicker, 3 versions of a dressup, all copied!
  • don’t like them, report them! no-one likes you when you copy, if you can’t code a good project without just stealing someone else’s work leave the app!
  • this is a response to catman11, i also think that you could get something out of this article, because it also tells you more about me.
  • i see you wanted me to have a battle with “plaid sequin” but this guy has only 11 projects, one of them is a copy of my dino dash (it glitched again!). i have never heard of the person, are you sure it’s the right one?
  • i will battle and win, just name the person and mabye have a screenshot so i know who it is.
  • if this person does not want to, i will not, but rules apply:
  • no copied work | no even looking in the opponet’s code | no mean comments, mabye a little competitive talk | we are still friends after the contest
  • also i wan’t to adress the fact that you think i’m a show off, and that i do it just for likes.
  • me as a person is sarcastic, bragging, funny, super competitive, that’s my style. i know it is hard to know if i’m joking or not, because it’s just text with no emotion. i had someone else say the exact opposite of you, they said i was non-toxic and not focused on the social aspect.
  • people already like me, before the glitch, i was the 4th top maker of all time, the other ones didn’t play the game anymore! i was the best active coder at the time, and when your famous, there is always someone who hates your guts, get over it and ignore it.
  • i work really hard on all my projects, but now i’m kind of done making them, so i like to be more social now. i’m only begging for likes because the glitch took out 3k likes and 3m views.
  • i don’t know why your mad at me, i even made you a logo, but i’m sorry if i did anything :/
  • thank you for understanding, also remeber about the battle.
  • i finnaly return to tynker, and this is what i see..
  • an old copy of my game google dino dash, when i had my old username!
  • it exploded and it still got featured!
  • everyone report the copy! now! and un-like it if you have!
  • tynker is broken, they are featuring tons of plagerized projects!


  • background scene - Halloween
    background scene - Halloween
  • background scene - Modern Bike
    background scene - Modern Bike
  • background scene - Winter
    background scene - Winter
  • background scene - New Year 2019
    background scene - New Year 2019
  • background scene - Fire Vs Ice
    background scene - Fire Vs Ice
  • background scene - Spring
    background scene - Spring
  • background scene - Easter
    background scene - Easter
  • background scene - Summer
    background scene - Summer
  • background scene - Shells
    background scene - Shells
  • background scene - Zen
    background scene - Zen
  • background scene - Bright Blue Gradient
    background scene - Bright Blue Gradient
  • background scene - Modern Space
    background scene - Modern Space
  • background scene - Gradient Green
    background scene - Gradient Green
  • background scene - Waves
    background scene - Waves
  • background scene - Waffle
    background scene - Waffle
  • background scene - Waves Crashing
    background scene - Waves Crashing
  • background scene - 4th
    background scene - 4th
  • background scene - Modern Blobs
    background scene - Modern Blobs
  • background scene - Old Car
    background scene - Old Car
  • Post Logo - Winter
    Post Logo - Winter
  • Post Logo - Fall
    Post Logo - Fall
  • Post Logo - Link
    Post Logo - Link
  • Post Logo - Waffle Spring
    Post Logo - Waffle Spring
  • Post Logo - Waffle Summer
    Post Logo - Waffle Summer
  • Post Logo - New Waffle Spring
    Post Logo - New Waffle Spring
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    Headlines - HeadLines
  • Updates - Updates
    Updates - Updates
  • Extras - Extras
    Extras - Extras
  • Questions - Questions
    Questions - Questions
  • 8-Bits - 8-Bits
    8-Bits - 8-Bits
  • Color Game - Color Swap
    Color Game - Color Swap
  • Unfinished - 3
    Unfinished - 3
  • 7 Million Views! - 7
    7 Million Views! - 7
  • 12K Likes! - 12
    12K Likes! - 12
  • Cats! 4 Life! - Meow
    Cats! 4 Life! - Meow
  • Published Projects! - 24
    Published Projects! - 24
  • Copy = Not Right - Copy = Not Right
    Copy = Not Right - Copy = Not Right
  • In Game Art - S
    In Game Art - S
  • Base - Spring Or Summer Banner
    Base - Spring Or Summer Banner
  • Base - Fall Banner
    Base - Fall Banner
  • Base - Spring Or Summer Banner Plain
    Base - Spring Or Summer Banner Plain
  • Base - Take 2 Y -360
    Base - Take 2 Y -360
  • Base - Take 3 115 Size
    Base - Take 3 115 Size
  • Base - Happy 4th
    Base - Happy 4th
  • Base - Summer Theme
    Base - Summer Theme
  • Base - Car
    Base - Car
  • 10 Featured! - 10
    10 Featured! - 10
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    Cross Platform - X
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    <HTML> - <>
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    Editor's Picks - ...
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    Developer Tips - Bright Ideas
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    100K News Views! - Play
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    HeadLine Outline - Outline
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    Update Outline - Outline
  • Question Outline - Outline
    Question Outline - Outline
  • 8 Bit Outline - Outline
    8 Bit Outline - Outline
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    Extras Outline - Outline
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    Page Turner - Page
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    New Button - 2
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    Cryptic Code - Cryptic
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    How? - ?
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    Shout Out - Crystal
  • RoadMap - Map
    RoadMap - Map
  • Quick QUESTION - Q
    Quick QUESTION - Q
  • The Years - Years
    The Years - Years
  • Inbox - In A Box
    Inbox - In A Box
  • Inbox - Not In A Box
    Inbox - Not In A Box
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    Special Events! - Sun
  • Special Events! - Lifesaver Transparent
    Special Events! - Lifesaver Transparent
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    Special Events! - Lifesaver Transparent-er
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    Special Events! - Icon
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    Special Events! - Waffle World
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    Repetitive - Copy
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    Candy - Danger
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    7 Million Party! - Horn
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    Refresh! - Re
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    My Shoutout - Galaxy
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    Attack! - Arrow
  • Why Code? - C o d e
    Why Code? - C o d e
  • Oct 2 Highlights - Oct 2
    Oct 2 Highlights - Oct 2
  • New! - N
    New! - N
  • Apples - A
    Apples - A
  • FCC - Fall Coding Contest
    FCC - Fall Coding Contest
  • Kismat Update - K
    Kismat Update - K
  • Nolan Update - Pumpking
    Nolan Update - Pumpking
  • Name Change - Cryptic Waffle
    Name Change - Cryptic Waffle
  • Name Change? - Cryptic Waffle
    Name Change? - Cryptic Waffle
  • ART WARS! - Art Wars
    ART WARS! - Art Wars
  • PulseC - Close
    PulseC - Close
  • Closenut - Sun
    Closenut - Sun
  • Closenut - X
    Closenut - X
  • PulseO - Open
    PulseO - Open
  • Onut - Fire
    Onut - Fire
  • My Story - Story
    My Story - Story
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    Stop The Copy - Make It Stop
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    Scams - Scam
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    Concepts Launched - Old
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    Concepts Launched - CC
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    Menuz - OG
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    Menuz - 1
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    Menuz - 2
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    Menuz - 3
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    Menuz - 4
  • Menuz - 5
    Menuz - 5
  • Menuz - All Done 21
    Menuz - All Done 21
  • Menuz - 22/24
    Menuz - 22/24
  • Menuz - Canvas V1
    Menuz - Canvas V1
  • Menuz - Canvas - 4th
    Menuz - Canvas - 4th
  • Menuz - Canvas - Liberty
    Menuz - Canvas - Liberty
  • Menuz - Canvas No Banner
    Menuz - Canvas No Banner
  • Menuz - Canvas CC 27
    Menuz - Canvas CC 27
  • Menuz - Leader Of News
    Menuz - Leader Of News
  • Menuz - Cryptik
    Menuz - Cryptik
  • Menuz - New 3
    Menuz - New 3
  • Menuz - Error UFO
    Menuz - Error UFO
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    Menuz - Cat Click
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    Menuz - Back, 1 Left
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    Menuz - 2 Left
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    Menuz - 4 Left
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    Menuz - 1 Left
  • Menuz - Edit No!
    Menuz - Edit No!
  • Menuz - New 2
    Menuz - New 2
  • Help? - ? 0, 220
    Help? - ? 0, 220
  • Help? - New
    Help? - New
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    News2Go - News -350 -120
  • News2Go - New
    News2Go - New
  • News2Go - Newer
    News2Go - Newer
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    Fame? - Fame
  • Hand Drawn - By Hand
    Hand Drawn - By Hand
  • Dont Leave - Leave
    Dont Leave - Leave
  • Pending - Pending
    Pending - Pending
  • Pending - Done
    Pending - Done
  • Pending - Dark Norm 60%
    Pending - Dark Norm 60%
  • Pending - Aparrently Not Much Lighter
    Pending - Aparrently Not Much Lighter
  • Pending - Is This Better?
    Pending - Is This Better?
  • Pending - UFO
    Pending - UFO
  • Pending - Back Soon
    Pending - Back Soon
  • New Game - Tralier 250
    New Game - Tralier 250
  • New Game - July
    New Game - July
  • New Game - Proof
    New Game - Proof
  • New Game - Proof copy
    New Game - Proof copy
  • New Game - Reboot
    New Game - Reboot
  • Scroll Down - Down
    Scroll Down - Down
  • Scroll Up - Up
    Scroll Up - Up
  • Summer Fun - Fun
    Summer Fun - Fun
  • KK100 - Ok
    KK100 - Ok
  • Cover Design 102 - 102
    Cover Design 102 - 102
  • Ozwald Lucky Rabit - Oz
    Ozwald Lucky Rabit - Oz
  • Banner Text - Banner Box
    Banner Text - Banner Box
  • Why Cryptic - Waffle
    Why Cryptic - Waffle
  • Nut - Sneakmaster 9000
    Nut - Sneakmaster 9000
  • In A Nutshell - June 9
    In A Nutshell - June 9
  • In A Nutshell - June 11th
    In A Nutshell - June 11th
  • In A Nutshell - June 11th P2
    In A Nutshell - June 11th P2
  • In A Nutshell - June 14th
    In A Nutshell - June 14th
  • In A Nutshell - June 17th
    In A Nutshell - June 17th
  • In A Nutshell - June 24th
    In A Nutshell - June 24th
  • In A Nutshell - June 24th Updated
    In A Nutshell - June 24th Updated
  • In A Nutshell - June 24th - Storm Brewing
    In A Nutshell - June 24th - Storm Brewing
  • In A Nutshell - June 25th
    In A Nutshell - June 25th
  • In A Nutshell - June 26th
    In A Nutshell - June 26th
  • In A Nutshell - June 27th
    In A Nutshell - June 27th
  • In A Nutshell - June 28th
    In A Nutshell - June 28th
  • In A Nutshell - July 1st
    In A Nutshell - July 1st
  • In A Nutshell - July 8th Fix PLZ
    In A Nutshell - July 8th Fix PLZ
  • In A Nutshell - July 8th
    In A Nutshell - July 8th
  • In A Nutshell - July 9th / 10th
    In A Nutshell - July 9th / 10th
  • In A Nutshell - July 15th
    In A Nutshell - July 15th
  • In A Nutshell - July 28th
    In A Nutshell - July 28th
  • In A Nutshell - August 3rd
    In A Nutshell - August 3rd
  • Insecto Game - Bug
    Insecto Game - Bug
  • RIP Doge - Doge
    RIP Doge - Doge
  • New Feature - New
    New Feature - New
  • Sprite Fight - War
    Sprite Fight - War
  • Lookin 4 Views - Me & The Boi’s
    Lookin 4 Views - Me & The Boi’s
  • Sprite Fight 2.0 - Me = Better
    Sprite Fight 2.0 - Me = Better
  • Winning P2 - Still Winning
    Winning P2 - Still Winning
  • Winning P3 - Winning Again
    Winning P3 - Winning Again
  • GG - GG
    GG - GG
  • Vip - VIP
    Vip - VIP
  • Bunch - Bunch
    Bunch - Bunch
  • Who? - Scooby
    Who? - Scooby
  • Base Timer - Time
    Base Timer - Time
  • Hey Hay - Good Lookin
    Hey Hay - Good Lookin
  • Word War One - Let’s Not
    Word War One - Let’s Not
  • Summer Shoutout - Shout Out
    Summer Shoutout - Shout Out
  • Date Slider - RWB
    Date Slider - RWB
  • Date Slider - Cryptic
    Date Slider - Cryptic
  • Date Slider - New BG
    Date Slider - New BG
  • Date Slider - Yay
    Date Slider - Yay
  • Date Slider - Less Blurry
    Date Slider - Less Blurry
  • Date Slider - Long
    Date Slider - Long
  • Nerd... - Terms
    Nerd... - Terms
  • Creating Logo - Creating
    Creating Logo - Creating
  • Creating Cover Art - Art
    Creating Cover Art - Art
  • RIP But Not - What Happened
    RIP But Not - What Happened
  • I Built This City - Without Rock & Roll
    I Built This City - Without Rock & Roll
  • Give Away - Free
    Give Away - Free
  • Fix This! - Not Again!
    Fix This! - Not Again!
  • Shoutouts - Back Again
    Shoutouts - Back Again
  • Cover - This Might Be Goodbye
    Cover - This Might Be Goodbye
  • Ruined - Plagerizim
    Ruined - Plagerizim
  • Battle?.... - A Battle?
    Battle?.... - A Battle?
  • Disapointment - Sad
    Disapointment - Sad

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