Talking Kaylee

by Single Snake



Talking Kaylee, a project made by Single Snake using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Social, Virtual Friend


input/output, advanced costume handling, delays, visibility, basic math, simple conditionals, simple events, simple messaging, miscellaneous

  • #Lines:71
  • #Actors:1
  • #Costumes:8
  • #Scripts:2

Text Snippets

  • what's your name?
  • cool name! actually, i think one of my grandparents is named
  • the house smells like perfume, that grandma perfume, but personally i think it kinda smells good!
  • like i do with all pretty-smelling perfumes, which smell great! speaking of pretty, have you seen my new dress?
  • oh! sorry about that, i kind of ramble.
  • anyway, would you like a muffin?
  • wow you ate that fast..
  • oh, it's my grandparents!
  • i gotta go! bye!
  • here then, a picture of me wearing it!
  • i got it at macy's.


  • background scene - drawing
    background scene - drawing
  • background scene - drawing1
    background scene - drawing1
  • actor - happy
    actor - happy
  • actor - hi
    actor - hi
  • actor - nervous
    actor - nervous
  • actor - muffin!
    actor - muffin!
  • actor - talking
    actor - talking
  • actor - picture
    actor - picture
  • actor - hand
    actor - hand
  • actor - call
    actor - call