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Talk to Alex or Steve Minecraft 1

by Whitee the Kitty



Talk to Alex or Steve Minecraft 1, a project made by Whitee the Kitty using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Photo, Animation, Art


basic math, simple conditionals, advanced math, delays

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Text Snippets

  • Talk to Alex or Steve Minecraft 1
  • hello, my name is steve! do you know who i am?
  • well, yeah! of course i do!
  • my name's steve and i'm the main character of minecraft.
  • what's your name?
  • (screams like a baby)
  • how did you get stuck in a tree?
  • do you need help?
  • i'll call my buddy mike to pull you out of that tree. how's that sound?
  • why don't you do it?
  • okay. i'll ask him later.
  • okay, i'll leave you alone.
  • do you know any good pizza places?
  • cool. what's it called?
  • then i'm off to
  • i'll just go to hut's pizza.
  • okay, byeeeeeeeee
  • that's too bad..... i'll have to go to hut's pizza. bye!
  • wakey, wakey, how does it feel to be behind bars?
  • pah! you must be joking!
  • heh, heh, not to fun, is it?
  • hmmm.... what should i do to you?
  • prisoner for life
  • okay then, what would you like to eat?
  • burnt leather it is!
  • i'll take the food away from you then, have fun starving mwuahhahaha.
  • let's set a few rules...
  • no cuts no buts no coconuts?
  • eat burnt leather!
  • have fun in here forevvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrrrrr......
  • what on minecraftia?!
  • no cuts no buts no coconuts?!
  • what kind of person do you think i am?
  • you're a coconut head!
  • you are..... ermmmmm.... an all powerful hacker?
  • oh, am i a coconut head?
  • i never knew. but, maybe that makes you....
  • have fun dieing in the dungeon mwuahhahaha
  • you? my sidekick? pah!
  • you're not even a griefer!
  • but on the other side....
  • really? pah! what's your name?
  • that's the worst name i ever heard!
  • , is your name...?
  • pah! we'll have to change it then!
  • and give you a new skin!
  • are you a boy or a girl?
  • if you pass my tests, your name will be slayer.
  • if you pass my tests, your name will be t.n.t. torcher nowadays terror.
  • next test.... reaction!
  • you look hungry! what do you want to eat?
  • i'll take the food away from you then! have fun starving mwuahahaha.
  • the final test is...
  • what do know about creepers?
  • pah! that's all you know?
  • well, i hope you find out more when i throw you into a pit of them. mwuahhahaha.
  • now, what do you know about me?
  • for your best learning experience, you'll be my prisoner forever!
  • fine, fine you're my sidekick...
  • where do you live?
  • alvacado village
  • then we are going to grief
  • on the other side what?!
  • you can teach me, i'll do anything!
  • takes too much time!
  • i vote to kill you!
  • i vote to make you prisoner for life!
  • what servers have you hacked?
  • i can't tell you!
  • secretive, i like that. maybe you deserve to be my sidekick after all.
  • ha! lier! you deserve to die!
  • okay.... bye now....
  • yes, you! it's me, alex.
  • you remember me, don't you?
  • yeah, we like bffs
  • who the heck are you?
  • oh, good. for a second i thought you forgot about me.
  • what was your name again?
  • hmmmm, yeah. do you wanna go get something at mc.blockalds?
  • yeah, their food is so good!
  • that's way to unhealthy!
  • then let's go now! race ya'
  • okay, we won't go, but that doesn't stop making me hungry!
  • pumpking pie square!
  • auntie square's!
  • okay, we'll go to
  • , meet you there!
  • my name is alex!
  • oh, hello alex, nice to meet you!
  • i was just kidding! of course i remember my bff!
  • i hope your joking....
  • i have never seen you in my entire life ma'am.
  • okay, okay, i'll admit you got me their for a sec.
  • acting is my future!
  • hard to believe, i'm terrible at acting.
  • is it? i never knew!
  • the more you know? right?
  • well, i need to go unless you want to grab a bite to eat with me.?.?
  • so knowledge isn't important?
  • you're not important!
  • so you want to kill yourself at mc.blockalds.
  • don't even say that knolegde isn't important. i have a lot of it!
  • don't even say that knoledge isn't important. i have a lot of it!
  • no! let's go get blockly's.
  • fine! we aren't friends anymore!
  • i'm confused. i better leave.
  • i'm hungry, too. where do you want to meet?
  • then we're off to
  • i'm not so great either.... but at least you did gold that time!
  • hmmm.... yeah, good job.
  • where do you want to go to eat? mc.blockalds or blocky's?
  • okay, let's go to
  • oh, you are? i wouldn't think so....
  • you're right, i'm not... :'(
  • i get it, you feel like
  • anyway, i'm hungry. do you want to go to mc.blockalds?
  • ok, but i won't eat anything.
  • i'm just teasing!
  • let's go get a bite to eat. i vote pumpkin pie square!
  • welp, bye! i'm off to mc.blockalds!
  • well, that's too bad...
  • it's o.k! a visit to pumpkin pie square will cheer you up!
  • i-i'm your best friend, alex!
  • never heard of you or seen you ever
  • i'll come back tomorrow... in case you remember me then.
  • i still don't know you.
  • wow! you almost gave me a heart attack! i need to go to blocky's to eat something and calm down.
  • then where do you want to eat?
  • pumpkin pie square
  • not much. what about you?
  • really? like what?
  • good luck with all your
  • so.... do you want to go eat at mc.blockalds?
  • where do you want to eat then?
  • really? where do you want to eat?
  • okay, we'll eat at
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