Super hard christmas boss boss

by Tangible Gravity

originally from "Boss Fight: Revealeo 1" by Worthless Morning



Super hard christmas boss boss, a project made by Tangible Gravity using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


simple variables, basic math, variables, miscellaneous, visibility, delays, simple messaging, input/output, simple loops, simple events, direction and turning, simple conditionals, simple motion, advanced motion, advanced costume handling, graphic effects, cloning, layers, resize actor, color detection, conditional loops, screen bounds, advanced events, detect conditions, advanced math

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Text Snippets

  • Super hard christmas boss boss
  • remembering the sequence of attacks may help a lot!
  • remember to watch out for the lasers! they're really fast!
  • don't get tricked: there's a lot of tricks up this guy's sleeves. (hint, hint: it's probably more lasers)
  • the star is pretty difficult. try to take cover or find a point where it doen't seem to be going.
  • the rotating laser moves just about as fast as you. stay near the center of the laser to make it easier.
  • your heart doesn't move as quickly as you think. take caution when dodging obstacles. 🏃🏻
  • the laser balls are completely randomized. move to the right side of the screen and dodge from there. ⚫️
  • take caution when circling the rotating laser. there may just be an unexpected surprise...
  • the laser stars come as one, and then later as three! prepare, my friend. ⭐️
  • put your finger where you want your heart to go. ❤️
  • watch for the warning signs on the death tiles: they tell you if a platform is safe or not.
  • revealeo is stronger as a spirit, and when he fully appears he is weak. dodge obstacles to make revealeo appear and make him weaker so you can attack him.
  • tip: check the tips section (which is actually what the stage says when you die) for helpful tips on beating revealeo.
  • "he who rages will rip like pages" -littleozwald, master of dabbing
  • even the slightest touch to something blue will kill you. this could be anything! a star, a laser, a tile, who knows! remember to protect all portions of your heart.
  • keep going! you can do this! punch frustration in the face!
  • such great strategy! you died on purpose! right? ☠️
  • did you know that less than 5% of people actually win this game? oh. that probably didn't help.
  • there are 3 difficulties: easy, normal, and insane 🔥. try to beat all three!
  • some obstacles may be easier or harder depending on what difficulty you choose. taking this in mind could be beneficial.
  • hit the dead center when the laser circle is closing in on you. otherwise it would be a pretty pointless way to die.
  • did you know that the creator of this game died around 127 times to complete the game on all difficulties?
  • be careful of the final obstacle: as it combines both the laser balls and the rotating laser. move slowly to dodge swifter and easier.
  • tis the season to be jolly (and dead) with boss fight: revealeo!
  • 600k views?! whaat? i never expected something this simple to be this popular! thanks to my fans! you’re the best!
  • select which form of revealeo you want to fight (all difficulties have been proven as beatable)
  • touch the screen to control your heart.
  • congratulations! you beat revealeo easy form! can you beat revealeo normal form?
  • bottom message box
  • amazing! you beat revealeo normal form! for an ultimate challenge, can you beat revealeo insane form?!
  • oh my goodness. amazing! you beat revealeo insane form! have you beat all the other forms too?
  • internaltotaldeaths
  • Sc:pr:Explosion 1
  • Sc:pr:Explosion 2
  • Sc:pr:Explosion 3
  • Sc:pr:Explosion 4
  • Sc:pr:Explosion 5


  • background scene - drawing
    background scene - drawing
  • drawing51 - drawing
    drawing51 - drawing
  • drawing - Broke
    drawing - Broke
  • drawing - Uh-
    drawing - Uh-
  • drawing - Heart
    drawing - Heart
  • Beam1 - drawing
    Beam1 - drawing
  • drawing2 - drawing
    drawing2 - drawing
  • drawing3 - Sc:pr:Explosion 1
    drawing3 - Sc:pr:Explosion 1
  • drawing3 - Sc:pr:Explosion 2
    drawing3 - Sc:pr:Explosion 2
  • drawing3 - Sc:pr:Explosion 3
    drawing3 - Sc:pr:Explosion 3
  • drawing3 - Sc:pr:Explosion 4
    drawing3 - Sc:pr:Explosion 4
  • drawing3 - Sc:pr:Explosion 5
    drawing3 - Sc:pr:Explosion 5
  • drawing3 - drawing
    drawing3 - drawing
  • Beam2 - drawing
    Beam2 - drawing
  • drawing1 - drawing
    drawing1 - drawing
  • drawing4 - drawing
    drawing4 - drawing
  • drawing5 - drawing
    drawing5 - drawing
  • Clones - drawing
    Clones - drawing
  • drawing21 - drawing
    drawing21 - drawing
  • drawing211 - drawing
    drawing211 - drawing
  • drawing2111 - drawing
    drawing2111 - drawing
  • TROLLbeam - drawing
    TROLLbeam - drawing
  • DeathTiles - Idle1
    DeathTiles - Idle1
  • DeathTiles - Idle2
    DeathTiles - Idle2
  • DeathTiles - Idle3
    DeathTiles - Idle3
  • DeathTiles - Idle4
    DeathTiles - Idle4
  • DeathTiles - DEATH1
    DeathTiles - DEATH1
  • DeathTiles - DEATH2
    DeathTiles - DEATH2
  • DeathTiles - DEATH3
    DeathTiles - DEATH3
  • DeathTiles - DEATH4
    DeathTiles - DEATH4
  • DeathTiles - Classic
    DeathTiles - Classic
  • Beam11 - drawing
    Beam11 - drawing
  • Xclones - drawing
    Xclones - drawing
  • drawing11 - drawing
    drawing11 - drawing
  • drawing6 - drawing
    drawing6 - drawing
  • drawing52 - drawing
    drawing52 - drawing
  • drawing31 - drawing
    drawing31 - drawing