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Spookay Story

by Gentle Nurse



Spookay Story, a project made by Gentle Nurse using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


input/output, simple sound playing, simple loops, simple events, simple messaging

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  • hello and today i’ve decided to turn to making stories. enjoy!
  • hello, and settle down with a snack to listen to a scary story... i lived down in the woods in a cabin for 3 weeks in the summer with my granparents. there was the usual “tap,tap,tap” which always turned out to be a branch or something. so i’m laying in bed trying to go to sleep when i heard the “tap,tap,tap”. i thought, “just a branch”, because after all, there is a giant tree beside my window. so i look over “just because” and that’s when i see it... a humaniod figure in the tree branch! i’m like omg there a psycho in the tree branch beside my window!! i’m sitting there, hyperventilating, thinking he’s going to eat me!! or something childish like that. but anyways i was scared out of my mind! so here i am, a psycho beside my window, the panic drowning my thought (wise words) thinking “he’s going to turn me into human cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssse!!!!!! :/ and what do i do? i scream. yep. just screamed. so loud and high pitched i actually !cracked! the glass! crazy, right? anyways, my grandparents came running down the stairs to my bedroom and asked what’s wrong. i stammer “th th th there’s a a a g guy at the w window.” my grandpa looked over. his eyes went wide. i mean huge. then he simply says,”!” my grandma, now carrying me, ran out the room to the old truck, threw me in, and started the car. just then, my grandpa burst threw the front door and ran to the car. he jumped in as my grandma moved over to the passenger seat. then he revved the engine and gunned the gas. the car lurches forward, then speeds off. a million questions flooded my mind. who, why, what, how. after about 5 minutes i finally gathered enough courage to ask what that was. my grandpa answered and said, “that.. was a skinwalker.” after about 30 seconds i asked, “what’s that?” he said, “ they’re creatures that can shape-shift into other animals. a way to know if it’s a skin-walker is to check the tail. they don’t have tails. i asked what they would do to a person. my grandpa said, “they usually will kidnap campers or people who trespass in their territory. what they do after...” his voice trailed off. we all sat in silence, then i realized, “where are we going?” so i ask, and he says that we are going to the police station first, then my house. i get bored so i look out the window and guess what i see.? the skin-walker. it’s running 40 mph beside our car!! i’m sitting there thinking, “am i on the same planet that i was 1 hour ago?!?”. that’s when i realize it’s not running. oh no, something far worse. it’s the reflection. it’s on top of the skylight. sorry but l’ll have to stop here because l’m running out of room and l don’t want to make the font any smaller. but if you liked the story and it gets 1k likes then l’ll publish the next one. buh bye!
  • sorry, but as you can see, i’m running out of room and l don’t won’t to make the font any smaller. any ways


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    background scene - Space

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