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Space Marble Race 3.0

by Fuzzy Catch



Space Marble Race 3.0, a project made by Fuzzy Catch using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Racing, Arcade, Art, Physics Engine, Game


expert physics, simple events, basic math, variables, advanced events, detect conditions, delays, advanced motion, simple variables, input/output, simple motion, simple messaging, simple conditionals, simple loops, resize actor, direction and turning, advanced costume handling, visibility, basic physics, program control

  • #Lines:291
  • #Actors:43
  • #Costumes:48
  • #Scripts:86

Text Snippets

  • Space Marble Race 3.0
  • welcome to the amazing marble race!
  • if anything gets stuck, restart the project. the marbles will only enter the elavating platform when it is at ground level, not in the air.
  • made by sirlionswolf. copyright granted, credit to whoever came up with the marble race idea.
  • dirt platform1111
  • dirt platform1111111121
  • dirt platform11111111211
  • purple button off
  • purple button on
  • purple button111
  • purple button1111
  • purple button11111
  • purple button111111
  • dirt platform111111112111111111111111
  • dirt platform11112
  • dirt platform11111
  • dirt platform111111
  • dirt platform1111111
  • dirt platform11111112
  • dirt platform111121
  • dirt platform1111211
  • dirt platform11112111
  • dirt platform111121111
  • dirt platform11113
  • dirt platform1111211111
  • dirt platform111131
  • dirt platform111122
  • dirt platform1111221
  • dirt platform11112211
  • dirt platform11114
  • dirt platform11111113
  • dirt platform111111131
  • dirt platform1111111311
  • dirt platform11111113111
  • dirt platform111111131111
  • dirt platform111111132
  • dirt platform111112
  • dirt platform1111111321
  • dirt platform1111111322
  • dirt platform11111113221