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Snail wars 1

by Gameknight999

remixed from "Snail wars" by Resonant Volleyball

originally from "Snail wars origanal" by super crazy boy



Snail wars 1, a project made by Gameknight999 using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


basic math, variables, simple conditionals, simple variables, delays, miscellaneous, advanced math, simple loops, functions, advanced loops, conditional loops

  • #Lines:2129
  • #Actors:67
  • #Costumes:137
  • #Scripts:435

Text Snippets

  • peper shaker⚙️
  • flame thrower⚙️
  • the tutorial will not save your progress
  • done with the tutorial
  • 35 acoustic bass drum
  • a-salt-rifle bad
  • center message box
  • the regular gun is the first gun you ever get with a total damige of 10 and critical strike damige of 20 this gun is not the best option
  • the laser gun is a good step up from the regular gun it has a damige of 20 and a critical strike damige of 35 and will paralyze an anamy on a critical strike
  • the salt shaker is an extreamly powerful wepon its bullet slowly gets biger but loses more damige as it flys. its highest damige is 55 its lowest damige is 15
  • variable calculator
  • engaged enamy hp:
  • what’s the pass word?
  • summoner of bosses
  • the slime time is just like the regular gun except for it’s much faster and is more expensive
  • the a-salt-rifle is an extremely powerful sniper the only gun that has zoom
  • the x-ray goggles will locate eny enemy or disengage an already engaged enemy
  • the fire potion is a gaget that spreds a ring of fire around the player and burns any close enemies
  • mega freezer bad
  • intence flame bad
  • gold variable calculator
  • peper shaker bad
  • variable calculator11
  • the sumoner of bosses makes a 100% chance to sumon a boss near the end of a game insted of just a 20% chance
  • sumoner of bosses
  • sumoner of bosses bad