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Sirlionswolf News 2

by Dashing Scarecrow



Sirlionswolf News 2, a project made by Dashing Scarecrow using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


simple events, visibility, input/output, text handling, simple messaging, delays, direction and turning, cloning, resize actor, basic math, advanced costume handling, simple loops, simple drawing, advanced motion, advanced messaging, layers, simple motion, pen color, detect conditions, conditional loops

  • #Lines:164
  • #Actors:11
  • #Costumes:16
  • #Scripts:30

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  • Sirlionswolf News 2
  • guess this weeks project! choose between: clash of clans! (22rschuckman) - battle royale (joey) - fire vs ice 2 player (sorcerer) - guess the word! (irisandjason)
  • if you guessed guess the word!, you are correct! congrats, irisandjason!
  • i am still working on the rolling ball game, but am also now working on a game, using the controls of pkfreeze's mario cart game.
  • if my rolling game can get at least 200 veiws and 50 likes, i will make it a series of adventures. (tell your friends and family, anyone you may know!)
  • april april is the 4th month of the year. it is often represented by rain. april's birthstone is a diamond.
  • some special occasions in april are easter (sometimes, sometimes in march,) april fools, holocaust rememberence day, earth day, and the birthday!!!
  • if you want to ask me questions, or send me pictures, create a blank project. title it red pandas rule. ask your question, or do whatever you wanted to do in it. if your lucky, i will be in the community when it comes out!
  • answers to any questions you've had:
  • no questions have been asked yet.
  • sirlionswolf projects posts a drawing contest every week. if you enter, you will need to draw something relevent to the theme.
  • this weeks theme is................the mall
  • no projects were named red pandas rule, so i picked the best one not entered. the winner is...blinking kitten!
  • guess this weeks coder! choose between: rubykana - joey - eyeaxe on ipad - trenton
  • if you guessed trenton, you are correct! congrats, trenton!
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