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Shop Tycoon awesome

by Lavish Explode

originally from "Shop Tycoon V.12! (2020)" by Frizzy Bunny



Shop Tycoon awesome, a project made by Lavish Explode using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


simple variables, variables, simple conditionals, basic math, miscellaneous, expert math, delays

  • #Lines:1762
  • #Actors:85
  • #Costumes:147
  • #Scripts:317

Text Snippets

  • Shop Tycoon awesome
  • welcome to shop tycoon
  • this is the eleventh version! thanks for keep supporting shop tycoon and sorry for the late update
  • thanks for all the remixes, and sorry if there is a glitch try re-clicking the play button
  • please be patient if there is still a glitch in the game :), it will be fixed as fast as possible! 👍
  • update v.11 : manager and more departments! manager effect : manager can help you earn
  • check out my channel fortorn games😁
  • i will make v.12 when we reach 555❤️
  • so please leave a ❤️, it means so much to me! i did a very hard work on the game.
  • i will add more shop designs and also new departments!
  • do you want to skip the tutorial?
  • ok then, i will introduce you to this shop tycoon
  • to get money, you must click your shop
  • you can also purchase things at the store
  • also, when you upgrade your shop, it will change the looks every 2 purchase
  • change background and design in settings
  • have fun playing shop tycoon
  • have fun playing then!
  • what would you like your shop name to be?
  • davidnotenoughmoney
  • sorry, you don't have enough money to buy that
  • [manager] money per second :
  • image20112111111
  • image201121111111
  • image2011211111111
  • shop tycoon v.11!