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ROBLOX Remake Alpha 1 1

by Dearest Sail

originally from "ROBLOX Remake Alpha 1" by Anxious Lift



ROBLOX Remake Alpha 1 1, a project made by Dearest Sail using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, App, Stick Figure, Animals, Remake


simple messaging, visibility, input/output, simple events, simple variables, basic math, variables, text handling, simple conditionals, lists, miscellaneous, delays, advanced costume handling, system date, simple loops, conditional loops, functions, expert math, simple sound playing, resize actor, advanced math, detect conditions, advanced motion, layers, simple motion, simple drawing, string handling, direction and turning, graphic effects, advanced events

  • #Lines:1507
  • #Actors:68
  • #Costumes:77
  • #Scripts:368

Text Snippets

  • ROBLOX Remake Alpha 1 1
  • what would you like your username to be?
  • what would you like your password to be?
  • are you a boy or a girl?
  • prefer not to say
  • loadinghomescreen
  • would you like to logout?
  • what is your username?
  • incorrect username or password.
  • not enough robux.
  • usernamegenerator
  • loadingfoodtycoon
  • ilovepandassomuch2
  • watermelonandotherstufftoo2
  • youtuberusername10
  • wafflebestboi1919
  • hello_darknessmyoldfriend10
  • it helps support the game
  • this is where i will post all of the roblox alpha updates!
  • currently, i’m thinking of creating a tycoon game...
  • i think superhero tycoon might be a good fit
  • i’ll probably make like food tycoon though.
  • thanks for reading.
  • i didn’t know how to make the friends thing work and then i realized that i didn’t put a forever block >_<
  • please stop copying.
  • i made it when you touch the peppermint, by peppermint productions pops up so people know. not doing that was a big mistake.
  • i also added a food tycoon button.
  • please note that food tycoon is not finished.
  • that's really all that i did.
  • added the alpha users thing.
  • more builder's club stuff
  • also, first person who contacted me about this game! yay!
  • added more usernames
  • next update: a brand new game!
  • food tycoon isn't finished, i'm not sure when it will be
  • introducing stare!
  • a horror game about a... panda?
  • finishing food tycoon (hopefully)
  • please look at the google form and take it please
  • making a brand new game to go with roblox remake; roblox remake studio! c: uses ar!
  • working more on stare
  • rr (roblox remake) will also use ar in some parts.
  • august 5th, 2018
  • did some stuff to groups
  • did some more stuff to stare
  • september 5th, 2018
  • wowie hasnt it been a long time since i updated this
  • anywho i did some more stuff to groups and stare so that,s cool
  • september 7th, 2018
  • the first night of stare is finished (hopefully)
  • and i added more stuff to groups and bc
  • any bugs? tell me in a project and i will fix them
  • september 11, 2018
  • we need help fixing bugs!
  • make a project called “peppermint please look”
  • list all the bugs you found
  • or take the form link and complete that
  • anywho, i updated stare!
  • september 13, 2018
  • alpha users get:
  • 100 daily robux! wow!
  • infinite groups!
  • parties only for alpha users
  • clothing items only for alpha users
  • to become an alpha user, contact the account borkiiii when the game is still is alpha, and say "i am an alpha user"
  • also say your roblox alpha username!
  • the first hybrid car was invented in 1901!
  • turnips were carved before pumpkins!
  • if you spell tacocat backwards, it’s tacocat!
  • noun is a noun, but verb is not a verb!
  • flamingos are born white, but they get their pink color from shrimp!
  • to suggest a random fact, make a project called “peppermint random facts”
  • ice cream sundaes were invented when ice cream on sunday became illegal!
  • a bubble gum bubble has once been blown as big as a basketball!
  • the word “on” is a word when flipped backwords, (no) and a sound when it’s upside - down “ou”
  • if you can hear a robot saying the lenny face, it will say “degree degree” .
  • aleph nol (a hebrew letter) is a smaller version of infinity.
  • the following are not really facts, but they're generally considered to be correct
  • meepcity is actually unloading oders because they’re going to games like adopt and raise a cute kid
  • albertstuff has approved that you shouldn’t hate on the copy of die of thirst simulator (dehydration simulator my mustardfoot)
  • booga booga will stay at a high amount of noobs because of the mojo “update”
  • all these facts were found on google or similar
  • thanks for people who have submitted random facts
  • i finally caught the egg!
  • drawing copy copy
  • are you sure you wish to leave this game?
  • by peppermint productions
  • early access dominus button
  • would you like to buy early access dominus for 19,999 robux?
  • early access dominus
  • would you like to buy wings for 1 robux?
  • play food tycoon
  • generictycooncash
  • burger dispenser- 50 foods
  • a side of fries- 150 foods
  • gimme that robux
  • friend me on roblox, borkiiii
  • after you're done, message me "im done"
  • then i will tell you what to do
  • so you want builder's club?
  • you already have builder's club.
  • friend borkiiii and message her "give me bc" and then your username in this game
  • also tell her why you want bc
  • you already have turbo builder's club
  • friend borkiiii, join her group "very cool peoples"
  • change your profile to say "hello there how are you"
  • message borkiiii saying "finished" and then your username in this game
  • then when borkiiii approves of you you're done
  • you already have outrageous builder's club
  • friend borkiiii and join her group "very cool peoples"
  • borkiiii will ask you some questions and then give you obc depending on your performance
  • tell borkiiii your username in this game after you're done
  • center message box
  • you need builder’s club (any level) to create a group. sorry!
  • milkshake - 300 foods
  • side meal - 500 foods
  • you already have
  • bc ~ 15 daily robux ~ 10 groups ~ many more
  • tbc ~ 15 daily robux ~ 50 groups
  • obc ~ 60 daily robux ~ 100 groups
  • have any questions?
  • who created this?
  • why are tycoons clickers?
  • peppermint productions created this game.
  • because they are basically that in roblox.
  • do you play fortnite?
  • what youtubers do you watch?
  • no, i only played twice. my username is p3pp3rmint on there.
  • i watch a variety of youtubers.
  • ultimate drink - 1,500 foods
  • press the "shock" button when he moves! you can only use the button 3 times before the battery runs out! try to survive the night without him attacking!
  • winner winner chicken dinner
  • yay you win night two
  • the power went out...
  • entire menu - 3,000 foods
  • restaurant - 5,000 foods
  • drawing211111111
  • food industry - 10,000 foods
  • i'm a mysterious person.
  • the name of the group?
  • short group description?
  • games you might enjoy

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