(RE: to cujo) coolio people

by Choco.Mc.Muffin (TTF)

originally from "coolio people" by cujo



(RE: to cujo) coolio people, a project made by Choco.Mc.Muffin (TTF) using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Social, Virtual Friend

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  • #Actors:20
  • #Costumes:20
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Text Snippets

  • njvyctrx ty owo''
  • i am not worthy of you having to keep up with my new names and fursonas
  • shank u for being a good frendo buytr6d4
  • db, you were one of my first tf’s and you still are. i’m sad you’ve left, but i know it was for a reason and i’m glad i can still talk to you over da. thank you for being a great friend.
  • jilly, you were also one of my first tf’s. you started the first tynkersquad, and you introduced me to a lot of great people. thank you.
  • erika, you’re an amazing person. even before we started talking, i was amazed by how nice and talented you were. you’re a great person - and you make a lot of people happy.
  • fieldcat, i know we don’t interact that much but i just wanna let you know i think you’re really cool.
  • utfg, i know we don’t interact too much but you’re amazingly talented. thank you for the fanart - i’m sorry if i didn’t respond to it.
  • zgames, you’re amazing. you always have been. you, like db, jilly, and pmp, were one of my first tf’s. your art has always been amazing, and i’ve always looked up to it. i’m really glad you came back.
  • pmp, you were one of my first tf’s. you’re funny and talented and i’m glad to see that you still post.
  • ttf, where do i begin? you’re one of the most amazing artists i’ve ever met. you’re funny and in general a pretty great person.
  • kittenlife, i know we don’t interact that much except over the hs forum, but your art is very cute. and yes, if you’d still like to, we can collab!
  • raven, you’re amazing. you’re funny, nice, and great at art, all at once!
  • rosalie, you’re really nice! you have a really cute artstyle, and make great art! you’re really nice to everyone.
  • maria, i’m sorry you had to leave tynker. i’m sad to see you go. you are such a kind person. i’m sorry about earlier this year, i was being insensitive.
  • galaxypaws, i’m sorry for calling you out earlier. it was rude of me. your art is really cute.
  • air-bear, your art is amazing. you’re great.
  • mousecat, we haven’t talked much but thanks for being really supportive.
  • ttw, we don’t talk much but thank you for being supportive.
  • itzmya, you didn’t post here much, and i talk to you through the hs forum, but you’re really talented and really funny.
  • if i forgot any other people that are tf’s or just people i talk to, i’m not trying to exclude anyone, so i’m sorry if i forgot any of my other tf’s. it’s like 2am and i’m really tired so if i did i didn’t mean to.
  • project by cujo. and when yall decide to remix this dont remove this.


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    background scene - image
  • drawing - doggobear
    drawing - doggobear
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    drawing3 - drawing
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    drawing8 - drawing
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    drawing9 - drawing
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    drawing10 - drawing
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    drawing11 - drawing
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    drawing12 - drawing
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    drawing13 - drawing
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    drawing14 - drawing
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    drawing15 - drawing
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    drawing16 - drawing
  • drawing17 - drawing
    drawing17 - drawing
  • drawing18 - drawing
    drawing18 - drawing
  • ee - ee
    ee - ee