project screenshot

Racing Mania 5 1 1

by Knowing Pecan

remixed from "Racing Mania 5 1" by Goodnatured Change

originally from "epic pong! (BETA)" by Alexx_The_Awesome



Racing Mania 5 1 1, a project made by Knowing Pecan using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Racing, Multiplayer, App, Animation


simple variables, basic math, miscellaneous, variables, simple loops, simple conditionals, delays, functions, advanced math, lists, string handling, advanced loops, conditional loops

  • #Lines:3150
  • #Actors:86
  • #Costumes:137
  • #Scripts:507

Text Snippets

  • Racing Mania 5 1 1
  • unlocked race 10
  • unlock boss race
  • bottom message box
  • you are not going anywhere
  • ! you broke one of the rules of this game and you cannot play this game ever again! cause you are banned!
  • welcome gothmeal! i would love if you play this game! here is a free gx tynker worlds car!
  • welcome, timber games!
  • wait a minute... timber games?!?
  • you are playing my awesome game called racing mania 5 sneak peak!!! you can remix this but, do not publish!! or you know what happens!!!
  • just kidding! you can remix and publish!!!!
  • you made a follower party and a game featuring me just for me!!!
  • you unlocked the boss fight!
  • hi scarce produce... i love your project called race track maniac! here is a free car!
  • c16 superside 2.0 lrs
  • c16 573 supercar
  • C16 Superside 2.0 LRS
  • C16 573 Supercar
  • C16 743 Ultimate
  • you cannot upgrade this, it is already level 5.
  • do you want to upgrade your car's top speed for 5 scraps?
  • you do not have enough scraps. get some in events!
  • drawing copy 4 copy
  • do you want to upgrade your car's handling for 5 scraps?
  • center message box
  • play custom music
  • now playing: light shine bright by tobymac
  • now playing: speak life by: tobymac
  • now playing: forever by: jonathasbus (creator)
  • now playing: old town road by: lil nas x
  • now playing: world music by: tynker
  • now playing: sci fi theme by: tynker
  • now playing: i just need u by: tobymac
  • now playing: trouble by: jonathasbus (creator)
  • now playing: crystals by: jonathasbus (creator)
  • were having a problem searching for a song for you. why not play custom music?
  • what is the music you want to play?
  • your backpack is empty. find some scraps in events!
  • here is the items you have on your backpack:
  • welcome to racing mania 5! its a racing game that you can have hours of fun teaming up with the road! this took me 3 weeks to publish so if you remix, please like and give credit. or else, your remix will be reported. and indeed this is a long game. but if you stop playing, you can continue where you were before! and there is also multiplayer! in multiplayer, you can use chat! and do team work and beat this game in no time! if this game gets 100 likes, donut dreamland will unlock and it will come with an ultimate boss fight! and if you complete it, you get a legendary car! and tilt the device to steer! but it dosen't just work on mobile, it works on all versions! in desktop: use arrow keys to steer! but if you have a bad laptop, and when you race, your game might crash! so check how good your laptop is!
  • drawing copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy copy copy
  • you can't buy this car, you already have it. its yours.
  • this vehicle costs $10,000. do you want to buy this?
  • sucessfully bought: c16 superside 2.0 lrs for $10,000!
  • sorry. you can't buy this car. you do not have enough money.
  • this vehicle costs $25,000. do you want to buy this?
  • sucessfully bought: c16 eel lts for $25,000!
  • this vehicle costs $40,000. do you want to buy this?
  • sucessfully bought: c16 573 supercar for $40,000!
  • this vehicle costs $75,000. do you want to buy this?
  • sucessfully bought: c16 superside for $75,000!
  • this vehicle costs $100,000. do you want to buy this?
  • sucessfully bought: c16 743 concept for $100,000!
  • this car is not on sale in this moment, but keep an eye on special events! (including boss fights!)
  • classic: empty valley
  • you can't play this race, you haven't unlocked it yet.
  • drawing221111111
  • drawing2211111111
  • drawing22111111111
  • drawing221111111111
  • boss fight: empty valley
  • why u doing this
  • this final race is locked so stop mashing this button.
  • why you keep on mashing this button. nothing happens.
  • stop mashing this.
  • when you mash this button, nothing happens.
  • stop mashing this button!!!!
  • C16 Lion LRS Drift
  • C16 Superside 2.0 LRS Drift
  • C16 Eel LTS Drift
  • C16 573 Supercar Drift
  • C16 Superside Drift
  • C16 743 Concept Drift
  • now playing: this is not a test by: tobymac
  • now playing: born this way by: lady gaga
  • now playing: chemical plant zone (vgr remix)
  • now playing: everything by: tobymac
  • now playing: hot pursuit music by: tynker
  • now playing: eye on it by: tobymac
  • now playing: ready set go by: captital kings
  • now playing: dance like nobody's watching by: family force x
  • now playing: impossible by: building 429
  • now playing: love feels like by: tobymac
  • point right and drive feet
  • point down and drive feet
  • point left and drive feet
  • point up and drive feet
  • do you want to upgrade your car's acceleration for 5 scraps?
  • welcome to the boss fight! beat the boss and take the prize!
  • mobile: slide your finger to control the car!
  • pc/mac: use the mouse to slide the car left and right!
  • c16 eel lts electriced
  • you lost! get shocked!
  • you win! you are such a pro!
  • you now own: c16 743 concept!
  • you have completed 1 map of the game. if this game gets 100 likes, we will unlock a new map called donut dreamland.
  • C16 Eel LTS Electriced
  • c16 743 concept electriced
  • C16 743 Concept Electriced
  • would you like to start a new game or continue?
  • if you want to continue, enter your game code. (if you got more money than you had before, that means you need to buy your cars first before you start the races.)
  • and how many levels have you completed?
  • sorry, max levels are 11. or you typed in words instead of numbers. you will start a new game.
  • to play multiplayer, 4 or less players needs to face the device. (it does not matter which platform it is)
  • what do you want to say? (do not say mean stuff or bad words!)
  • drawing2211111111111
  • the vehicle required to use in this race is not on sale in this moment. keep an eye on special events! (including boss fights!)
  • classic: empty valley (car required)
  • completed super boss fight
  • ul71ma73 bo$$ race
  • ultimate boss fight: empty valley (vehicle required)
  • you can't unlock this. unless you give this game 100 likes!
  • drawing22111111111111
  • drawing221111111111111
  • drawing2211111111111111
  • drawing22111111111111111
  • drawing221111111111111111
  • drawing2211111111111111111
  • drawing22111111111111111111
  • drawing221111111111111111111
  • drawing2211111111111111111111
  • drawing22111111111111111111111
  • drawing221111111111111111111111
  • drawing2211111111111111111111111