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pvz boss battle

by Mindless Tape



pvz boss battle, a project made by Mindless Tape using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Photo, Animation, Battle, Arcade, Clone


delays, basic math, simple variables, simple loops, variables, functions, miscellaneous, simple conditionals, conditional loops

  • #Lines:597
  • #Actors:30
  • #Costumes:43
  • #Scripts:91

Text Snippets

  • use fire breath!
  • now, fire blast!
  • now banana cross!
  • use banana tail!
  • peeshooter! i choose you!
  • go! spore sroom!
  • good job! you win!
  • latest update: i finally returned to tynker! if this project gets 1 million views, i will add another pokemon.
  • charmander faint
  • solar beam part one
  • the actual solar beam
  • charecter select
  • thanks for the 1 million views guys! i made a simple menu system on this, and am currently working on the character select feature. i will be working on a new pokemon after that. i’m also thinking about making a background as well. thanks for being so patient everyone!