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Project fnaf care!

by Childlike Dinner



Project fnaf care!, a project made by Childlike Dinner using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Remake, Adventure, Art, gif


visibility, simple events, simple messaging, input/output, advanced costume handling, delays, basic math, miscellaneous, simple costume handling, simple conditionals, simple loops, resize actor, graphic effects, simple motion, detect conditions, advanced events, screen bounds, simple sound playing, layers, direction and turning

  • #Lines:762
  • #Actors:56
  • #Costumes:90
  • #Scripts:288

Text Snippets

  • Project fnaf care!
  • you got your first trophy: happy trophy keep up the good work
  • golden bear dude
  • that golden bear dude left...
  • freddy: activated!
  • welcome to the info page! about: this is about taking care of a cute fnaf character and finding endings! [this game is a wip] things you might not notice: to choose your animatronic press the hologram character in the pick-a-animatronic page! character problems: some may be missing stuff but i try my best to remember what they look like. toy bonnies actual character looks different from the one in the pick-a-tron. [more to be added soon]
  • lets play catch!
  • that tickles! haha
  • drawing copy1 copy
  • drawing copy copy
  • oooh little puppet!
  • do you kno de wae?
  • i am golden freddy!
  • i'm your info-tron. a little guide just for you. ask me any of the following: animatronic care/info, quiz time, or just go back
  • info of animatronic
  • your animatronic might be sad at first since its a new home. cheer them up with play equipment
  • how about a quiz fella?
  • what is grizzly + entertainer + robot + gold paint + no endoskeleton
  • that is the end of this quiz you have earned...
  • my brain cannot go that far please except this random grade
  • i must go somewhere.
  • when this music plays and fun is maxed it means your animatronic is happy!
  • what does that mean?
  • it means you get this!
  • if you get all emotion trophies something will happen
  • bonnie: activated!
  • chica: activated!
  • sorry but im locked....
  • foxy: activated!
  • toy chica: activated!
  • toy bonnie: activated!
  • no one really knows the developer...
  • we do know its a he and we know that golden freddy knows everything about him
  • golden freddy was the developers pal. until he disappeared... after, g-bear was so mad he erased our memories about what happened
  • hello, i'm the meatly! i'm a gamer, game developer and a puppet.
  • time to make another game!
  • see you all soon!
  • what is the number password?
  • welcome, admins.
  • do you think im stupid?!
  • memory room: true
  • access denied punks!
  • the passcode in the hologram room is pretty hard! here's a hint: it is a major four number thing in fnaf
  • robo pop: activated!
  • babeh joe: activated!
  • knuckles: activated!