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pro lanna story about her

by Mild Canary

remixed from "Week 3 Challenge" by Organic Explode

originally from "Challenge 2" by Original Queen



pro lanna story about her, a project made by Mild Canary using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Storytelling, Music, Word, Battle, App, Animation

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Text Snippets

  • pro lanna story about her
  • hi do you want to read a story with me to bad if you said no cause your going to listen eny way!
  • the book im reading is called how pro lanna got her powers by pro lanna
  • did you know the legend? if you dont i will tell you! one day pro lanna was at the milk shop then she heared it...
  • peple were wispering and she heared it they said mosters are comeing to take over this land and pro lanna she said i will try to get rid of them
  • even thow i dont have powers she said,she was vary brave wiail on the other hand peple were not brave
  • they said you will never retern cause no body came back when they went there
  • so she said (person 1 i hered there was bones thare so dont go there but where will you live if i dont go there
  • ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm im not shre
  • in the woods or montens
  • im going eny way to prtect you goodbye my friends goodbye hiya
  • gity up ya, shewas allmost there then she fellt wered then she reallisted her horse triped over a rock she thougt but in steaed she tripped over a wand but it did not brake then she casted a spell on her selp and she now had( powers!!!)
  • she said a magic word that she did not know was a magic word and she could be eny animal she wanted she just wanted and she pocked a elaphent and she put the wand down and battled the monsters and she won but the people back in town had no idea that so was alive so they made something to make her legend a magical rainbow and then pro lanna was never seen agin but im pro lanna so im alive so thats my story bye

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