💕Pony Girl's News💕

by Pony Girl

originally from "🏅Kenzie News🏅" by Extraneous Diamond



💕Pony Girl's News💕, a project made by Pony Girl using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Social, My News, Shout-Out



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Text Snippets

  • all credit to kenzie, who made the first news game.😄
  • drawn in infinite painter
  • infinite painter
  • visit 2nd and 3rd buttons to see all the people that support me and are also are my friends i've made over the past 2 years i've been here.
  • [my meassage] tynker is super awsome! with amazing coders galore! with no boredom.
  • around agust 9th!!!
  • mousecat is coming back!!!!!!
  • around september 9th!!!
  • by the way, fruitisfuntodraw is mean! she tried to kick me out of panda lover's art contest! probobly so she could have a better chance at winning the contest if she enterred, because she probbobly saw me as a threat! (look at my #pandaloversartcontest and her "to pony girl" project(it is spelled pony girl not pony girl!))😡👿😡👿😡👿😡👿😡👿😡👿😡👿😡👿😤😤😤😤😤😤
  • [my poem] i saw the sun, so super bright as it disappeared into the night. as the moon came out, i saw my sis start to pout. "what is wrong?" i did say. "because mommy says we can only play outside in the day." i sayd, "well we can play outside anoter day, but we have to sleep in the night." "all right." she said. and we went to bed for the night.
  • [poem 2] tynker is super awsome! with amazing coders galore! with no boredom.
  • [featured coders] the featured coders are...little🐞ladybug and panda lover!
  • top man hollow act joyful puppy r3b3cca joyful casserole xrosy (rosalie) sick meerkat kittycuddles tynker games by leighton rapid holiday dax_da_weirdo weekly hand unacceptable scorpion threetailedwolf/ttw/daiko jilly peppermint productions front train real delight unfortunate baseball/e.c catman1111 panda lover hospital comfort forgetful monitor {shadow} wolfie (moved) galaxy girl earthy agriculture hazy cow devil □ lonely lazor brerlin32 aliaomg/skyler lurking shadow/corrupted data welloff dog dual hamster brash challenge enraged make luna matthew/gamer boi mountainous hide brilliant helium cynical value foxie lamentable nectarine trained transport standing hockey random wolf ilovehyenas410 legal bow stunning alert fantastic object appropriate cover candy alfie m a r y :) armie immaculate tidepool soft doughnut alecia/skyeadventures growing floor short goose tense treat axiomatic octopus changeable triangle vigilant surprise different snowflake kitten unicorn broken time uppity beam/beamie rawr rawr k55ellie unfinished shake mallory death_hacker polished salmon pug club pleasant goat pointless pick sophia cylis awesome stuff skyler roxi kittykat19 scintillating apricot unpleasant ocean anime girl <3😎😂😅 near robot queen of games idealistic soccer zgames□ (press 3rd button for more!)
  • ellie delicious triceratops thundering goat gifted girl hazy cow wenkaj meli girl husky camel unlucky ruler sienna54 sweetvictory scared icecream glowolf eika jane corgi dragon jammy maddie welloff dog polluted salamander external vests uniform appetite ethical cranberry iluvmephiles plant nutrition tangy pop late flash bent persimmon thorny caricature affectionate guava sienna devinrules youthful surgeon orange witch mammoth wolf aliya richard popstar girl unice ggames impressionable grape respectful century screeching vampire unfinished park irate struggle miscreant cabbage
  • [coming soon] sm:itsv dress-up update.
  • welcome to pony girl's news!
  • welcome to pony girls news!


  • background scene - drawing
    background scene - drawing
  • drawing5 - drawing
    drawing5 - drawing
  • drawing5 - drawing copy
    drawing5 - drawing copy
  • drawing31 - drawing
    drawing31 - drawing
  • drawing31 - drawing copy
    drawing31 - drawing copy
  • drawing31 - drawing1
    drawing31 - drawing1
  • drawing1 - drawing
    drawing1 - drawing
  • drawing1 - drawing copy
    drawing1 - drawing copy
  • drawing11 - drawing
    drawing11 - drawing
  • drawing11 - drawing copy
    drawing11 - drawing copy
  • drawing12 - drawing
    drawing12 - drawing
  • drawing12 - drawing copy
    drawing12 - drawing copy
  • drawing1111 - drawing
    drawing1111 - drawing
  • drawing1111 - drawing copy
    drawing1111 - drawing copy
  • drawing51 - drawing
    drawing51 - drawing
  • drawing51 - drawing copy
    drawing51 - drawing copy
  • drawing52 - drawing
    drawing52 - drawing
  • drawing52 - drawing copy
    drawing52 - drawing copy
  • drawing11111 - drawing
    drawing11111 - drawing
  • drawing11111 - drawing copy
    drawing11111 - drawing copy
  • drawing11111 - drawing copy copy
    drawing11111 - drawing copy copy
  • drawing11111 - drawing copy copy copy
    drawing11111 - drawing copy copy copy
  • drawing - drawing
    drawing - drawing
  • drawing4 - drawing
    drawing4 - drawing
  • drawing41 - drawing
    drawing41 - drawing
  • drawing411 - drawing
    drawing411 - drawing
  • drawing4111 - drawing
    drawing4111 - drawing
  • drawing41111 - drawing
    drawing41111 - drawing
  • image - image6
    image - image6
  • drawing8 - drawing
    drawing8 - drawing

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