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PokeStadium Gen 7

by RealmOfFireGT



PokeStadium Gen 7, a project made by RealmOfFireGT using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Battle


simple messaging, visibility, advanced costume handling, basic math, variables, input/output, simple events, simple motion, simple variables, advanced motion, simple conditionals, cloning, delays, pen color, text handling, miscellaneous, simple loops

  • #Lines:478
  • #Actors:20
  • #Costumes:32
  • #Scripts:75

Text Snippets

  • PokeStadium Gen 7
  • welcome to the pokestadium!
  • brought to you by creator of gen6 vs gen7
  • you may choose these 2 pokemon to fight against lunala! good luck!
  • and whatever you do, dont spam the attacks.
  • who will you choose?
  • incineroarchosen
  • you lost! what a pity! better luck next time!
  • you won! good job!
  • incineroar used dark pulse! it is super effective!
  • incineroar used flare blitz!
  • decidueye used synthesis! it gained 20 hp
  • incineroar used shadow claw! it is super effective!
  • decidueye used leaf blade!
  • decidueye used brave bird!
  • decidueye used shadow ball! it is super effective!
  • lunala used phantom force! it is super effective!
  • lunala used phantom force!
  • lunala used moongeist beam! it is super effective!
  • lunala used moongeist beam!
  • lunala used moonblast!
  • lunala used moonblast! it is super effective!
  • incineroarchoose
  • drawing copy copy
  • Flare Blitz copy