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Pokemon Battle LOL ; )

by Powerful Ghost

originally from "pokemon battles" by Scornful Rebellion



Pokemon Battle LOL ; ), a project made by Powerful Ghost using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Battle, Remake


simple messaging, visibility, delays, resize actor, simple events, simple conditionals, advanced costume handling, basic math, simple loops, simple variables, variables, direction and turning, advanced motion, simple costume handling, miscellaneous, simple motion, detect conditions, input/output, cloning, layers, functions

  • #Lines:429
  • #Actors:19
  • #Costumes:61
  • #Scripts:56

Text Snippets

  • Pokemon Battle LOL ; )
  • bulbasaur health
  • charmander health
  • scratch animation
  • the more speed an attack has, the less chance the defending pokèmon has of dodging it. the easier the mode, the less health your opponent's pokèmon will have. to dodge you opponents attacks, press the dodge button. the green bar near the bottom of your screen displays your health. the yellow bar above your opponent displays your opponents health. finally, have fun!
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