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😼Pokemon Adventure!!😄 1

by Breakable Damage



😼Pokemon Adventure!!😄 1, a project made by Breakable Damage using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Cool / Wow, Battle, Animation, Storytelling, Stick Figure


delays, simple conditionals, basic math, miscellaneous, simple variables, simple loops, conditional loops

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  • #Actors:11
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Text Snippets

  • 😼Pokemon Adventure!!😄 1
  • cometproductions
  • lets go- lumiose
  • (choose the fire ball). to get a water pokemon, tap the blue pokeball! to get a grass pokemon, tap the green pokeball! to get a fire pokemon, tap the orange ball!
  • you chose firefang as your starter pokemon!
  • do you want to give firefang a nickname?
  • nope, firefang sounds good.
  • what should his name be?
  • is now his nickname!
  • now you are ready to start your journey!
  • lets go to tauros town!!
  • you chose blasturtle as your starter pokemon!!!
  • my name is professor sycamore
  • i see that you are excited to continue your pokemon journey!
  • you must choose either a different pokemon, or just keep the one you used last time.
  • this is lumiose city!
  • tauros town is full of trainers who want to battle the best and rise to championship status!!
  • lets go to the pokemon battalion and earn a medal for your pokemon!
  • to get the medal, you must defeat the battlemaster's pokemon!!
  • this is the battatlion arena. here is where you battle with other peoples pokemon!
  • here, i will help you destroy the opponent's pokemon!!
  • please tell your pokemon to use the "flamethrower" attack!!
  • "use the dragon breath attack!!"
  • "use the flamethrower attack!!"
  • congratulations!!! you won the lighning badge!!
  • thank you everyone for getting part 1 to over 100 thousand views!!! if we get this one to 50+ likes, i will make part three!!
  • you chose florion as your starter pokemon!!
  • creator's note: only choose the orange fire pokeball. this game is not finished yet, so if you choose water or grass pokemons the game will not finish.

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😼Pokemon Adventure!!😄 1