pls dont copy and publish

by Topaz Hurry

originally from "Falling trails" by Loess Hills Lessons



Make interesting art patterns using physics. Gravity changes randomly every few seconds to create interesting shapes. Make your own version by changing the program’s default values.


delays, simple conditionals, miscellaneous

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Text Snippets

  • no im not a girl
  • try to make it to the corner with play button also like this game plz thank you for 1k veiws guys it means alot!


  • background scene - gray dots
    background scene - gray dots
  • yellow - yellow
    yellow - yellow
  • pink - purple ball
    pink - purple ball
  • green - green ball
    green - green ball
  • blue - blue ball
    blue - blue ball
  • orange - orange ball
    orange - orange ball
  • orange11 - orange ball
    orange11 - orange ball
  • green1 - green ball
    green1 - green ball
  • green11 - green ball
    green11 - green ball

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