Panda News 9999 :D

by Legal Snack

originally from "Panda News" by PandaDøød



Panda News 9999 :D, a project made by Legal Snack using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Informative, Storytelling


input/output, text handling, simple events, advanced costume handling

  • #Lines:43
  • #Actors:8
  • #Costumes:9
  • #Scripts:12

Text Snippets

  • how to die in minecraft
  • die of thirst simulator
  • q: why do you love pandas? a: idk! probably something to do with the past, im still having mental to it:bghjdtrydyrfytffgyufrtrrrryf@idiot.comf
  • q: can you cook anything? a: i usually don’t, but i do know how to make french toast and my parents own a donut shop so i can learn to make donuts!
  • q: what projects are you working on? a: please suggest games! but i’m working on a game called pandawars and maybe some animations!
  • q: what is your favorite color on “pandadood’s art studio”? a: my favorite color in the game is toothpaste ,sorcerer’s blue or coffee. sorcerer’s blue is in the forbbidden set
  • q: do you really know thepuglord irl? a: yes i do! he is one of my best friends irl!
  • eygyttydtyeytryhjfggftdreystaguhgyiy mwa mwa miwlky :d
  • 1: iron man 2:black panther 3: war machine 4: captian america 5: groot 6: rocket raccoon 7: spiderman 8: thor 9: star lord 10: dr.strange
  • i am nub at roblox hey tynker? do u play roblox if u do reject dis game.
  • pepermentosfox- my sister! she is on tynker! thepuglord- one of my best friends irl he is also one of the lesser known tynkerers. todd and the rest of the erasersons- there are the erasers. they were ripped apart by someone. i still honor them today, and so does thepuglord. mcbobbinson- a pillow pet. he has a green mark across his nose which looks like snot.
  • favorite tynkerers
  • r3b3cca- amazing creative projects! keep it up! pmp- even though my sis, has great projects! keep it up! thepuglord- may not have great projects now your ideas that you told me irl are awesome! my favorite of your ideas is the legend of gabe (coming soon)! nolan- great, difficult boss battles! keep it up!
  • my hwvgfctrdrdserd fattty :d
  • your doge journey-cade: i love choose your story games! it’s an awesome genre! i love the different endings in them! but this has a doge which seals the deal that it’s a great game for me. boss blitz arena-nolan: awesome boss battles! like choose your story, i love this genre too! i’m really bad at making them though. but really fun game! love the choice of difficulty too! human evolution- brandon: the reason i choose this is because you don’t see much of these on tynker. but i kinda dislike the genre. especily, blobfish evoulution... which is a real game on the app store. don’t download it. it’s creepy. anyway, human evolution is addictive and not creepy! hgtffrfftghnsnoobs


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