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oc adopt

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oc adopt, a project made by Shining Star using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Animation, Social, Photo



  • #Lines:36
  • #Actors:20
  • #Costumes:25
  • #Scripts:11

Text Snippets

  • i found some old ocs. if you want one remix and tell me wich one you want. then, pick your backround i already made some but, you can make your own. . (their looks have changed a bit.)
  • hey guys! so i just have to let you know, tynker does not always work on my account. so if i do not see your projects titled to me, then i am very sorry. tap the taken ocs names to see their new owners.
  • gender: female. siblings: none. looks: blue eyes, pale hair, star dress. personality: quiet, shy. likes: stargazing, books. dislikes: big crowds, the spot light.
  • new owner!=kitty cuddles- message for kitty cuddles: hi! glow is now yours! please take good care of her she was once my main oc! i hope you enjoy-shining star
  • gender: female. siblings: none. looks: pink, with a curly tail, wings, purple eyes. personality: happy, peacefull. likes: flying, sports. dislikes: bugs, too hot.
  • new owner!!! = scarlet_butterfly -see "for scarlet butterfly"
  • gender: female. siblings: none. looks: sparkling hair, pink eyes, difernt shades of pink in hair. personality: adventures, ready for adventure. likes: adventure. dislikes: girly things.
  • new owner!= left share-meassage for left share: hi! really hope you enjoy galaxy. she is a good oc.
  • gender: girl. siblings: strike. looks: yellow hair with pink at the tips, green eyes, gray shirt. likes: reading, rain. dislikes: loud noise, thunder.
  • new owner! = kitty cuddles- message for kitty cuddles: yes, it was too bad they were seperated. but anyway, i really hope you enjoy her! (by the way i cannot think of a cuter name than kitty cuddles!)
  • gender: female. siblings: none. looks: white skin, blond and ornge hair. likes: summer. dislikes: winter
  • gender: female. siblings: electra. looks: cool colors hair, blue tshirt, pink eyes. likes: sun, happy things. dislikes: scary movies, all things scary.
  • new owner!!! = scarlet_butterfly- see "for scarlet butterfly"

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