Nova Evo News

by Jadeslayer



Nova Evo News, a project made by Jadeslayer using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Social, My News, Shout-Out, My Favorites, Vlog, Encouragement


simple events, input/output, visibility

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Text Snippets

  • i made a lot of projects, so i will list my favorites: destroy the dummy, treasure hunters, tynker clicker, the jadeslayer wars, star wars battle attack, motercycle racer, laser battle, robot invasion, super speed.
  • q. what is your very first project you published? a. minecraft shooters! it has 4k veiws
  • q. who is your favorite tynkerer? a. i like almost all the tynkerers out there. i really like my brothers projects. he got featured 8 times! his username is irisandjason.
  • q. how long have you been tynkering? a. about 4 months! and i’ve alredy been featured 4 times!
  • q. where are you from? a. i can’t tell you, but i put a hint on this project somewhere!😁😁
  • q. how old are you? a. i am 10 years old! ( in the year 2018 )
  • q. what is your favorite subject in school? a. i don’t go to school!! my mom homeschools me. that is why i can do tynker every day!
  • q. do you do tynker on the ipad or the computer? a. ipad!
  • q. how did you come to know of tynker? a. i was looking online for a minecraft elytra wing custimizer, but i needed to get tynker. so i did!
  • q. do you tynker with friends? a. no. but i tynker with my brother. my best friend uses a diffirent coding app called scratch.
  • i made some special skins. you can go into this project and try some on!
  • this is nova evo. me! he is member 3 of the jadeslayers. he is good at combat
  • this is sam. he is good at archery. if you are good at that, he is your guy
  • this is lx vortex. he is the cousin of sam. he is good at combat
  • this is julia. she is the cousin of lx vortex
  • this is creeperman
  • this is chopper slice. he is member 6 of the jadeslayers
  • this is thundervolt he is member 5 of the jadeslayers
  • this is bluejay he is member 4 of the jadeslayers
  • this is jetblade. she is member 2 of the jadeslayers
  • this is catastrophe. she is the leader of the jadeslayers
  • i am currently working on hotwheels tracktaker. keep coding!


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