No McDonalds

by Confused Peel



No McDonalds, a project made by Confused Peel using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




delays, simple loops

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Text Snippets

  • bottom message box
  • hmm, what to get...
  • oh! i know, i will get a happy meal!
  • let’s both get happy meals!
  • here we are again!
  • let’s get big macs!
  • hey! do you want to go to mcdonalds?
  • yeah!! this is going to be awesome!
  • wow that happy meal was fantastic
  • that was so good i want more!
  • those fries were sooooooo addicting
  • yeah, it tasted so good
  • especially the carbonated plastics shaped and colored like apples
  • yeah lets go get more “food”
  • sqeak sqeak sqeak sqeak sqeak
  • you ate at mcdonald’s, didn’t you?
  • don’t you know that if you eat mcdonald’s food you could get heart disease and die? you must’ve eaten a lot of their fries because now, you are mice!
  • they put lighter fluid, ingredients to poison and things that make it never rot.
  • one of the ingredients in the bun is ammonium chloride, sounds nice right? well did you know it’s also a ingredient in matches, contact explosives and fireworks?
  • another ingredient is azodicarbonamide. this is something that is banned from europe because it’s so nasty.
  • they give their animals so many shots that the meat will never rot!
  • they put chemicals in all of the burgers and fries, so much in fact that when the put the chemicals in, the wear hazmat suits to protect themselves until the chemicals calm.
  • i can’t believe you ate that junk!
  • i will help you if you promise to spread the news about how bad mcdonald’s food is.


  • background scene - Ad:ba:adventure stage
    background scene - Ad:ba:adventure stage
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    background scene - image
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