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by Serene Propeller



MOUNTAIN CLIMBER, a project made by Serene Propeller using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Arcade, Dodging


simple messaging, simple variables, delays, basic math, input/output, advanced costume handling, visibility, simple conditionals, simple loops, advanced motion, direction and turning, cloning, detect conditions, resize actor, simple motion, layers, simple events, advanced math, music and instruments, conditional loops, conditional wait, graphic effects, text handling, simple drawing, miscellaneous, program control, simple costume handling

  • #Lines:571
  • #Actors:10
  • #Costumes:32
  • #Scripts:49

Text Snippets

  • you are helping bouldo the mountain climber
  • bouldo is the little blue thing with light blue hair and eyes
  • bouldo is climbing a very big cliff to a camp that is carved into it
  • press the up arrow to move up the cliff
  • press the right and left arrows to go right and left
  • bouldo will automatically stop moving up if you go right or left
  • tap anywhere else to stop moving in any direction
  • dodge the white rocks that fall down
  • also dodge the gray rocks that are stuck in the snow
  • bouldo will fall down the mountain if he touches a rock
  • if you want to protect bouldo from white rocks, then go under the gray rocks
  • if a white rock touches a gray rock, it will explode
  • make sure bouldo is not too close to the exploding white rocks, or else he will fall off the mountain
  • if bouldo can't move forward because of rocks or are about to be hit by a white rock, use the axe
  • drag the axe in the bottom right corner to the rock you want to destroy
  • when it touches a rock, the rock will explode
  • when you are using the axe, bouldo will not be able to move
  • if you accidentally touch the axe, tap anywhere to make the movement arrows appear again
  • make sure the axe does not touch a rock you don't want to break or else you will waste a axe
  • on the start of the game you will only have one axe
  • if you are lucky, you will find some more axes hanging on the cliff
  • the axes might be tiny
  • to collect a axe, move bouldo so that he touches the axe
  • you will also fall off the side of the mountain on the left side where you can see a gap.
  • please don't copy but please upgrade (if you want to)
  • what level do you want?
  • do you want to see the tutorial?