Mooties Revolution? 1 - copy - copy

by Dangerous Heat

originally from "Mooties Revolution?" by Top Man



Mooties Revolution? 1 - copy - copy, a project made by Dangerous Heat using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.





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Text Snippets

  • you know what? i’ve always wondered why the mooties revolution started in the first place.
  • if you don’t like mooties, just ignore the mooties games altogether!
  • there’s no need to start a whole revolution about it!
  • i’m fine if you don’t like mooties. i’m just not okay with all of the innapropriate stuff there is in the mooties revolution games!
  • i could go on and on about why there shouldn’t be innapropriate stuff in mooties revolution games!
  • how is mooties even a kirby rip off??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • he never even appeared in any of the kirby games! how is this possible?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • it’s too complicated!!!
  • if you’re a mooties lover, good for you! you now have a new favorite video game!
  • but if you’re a mooties hater, you just need to rethink that! i’m fine with your opinion as long as it doesn’t get out of hand! do you know what you are doing to the mooties lovers? if you check out their projects, it seems like they want the mooties revolution to end once and for all. you are making them all very angry!
  • i mean, seriously! i’ve only remixed 14 games! and why are you making such a big deal out of this if it’s remixes? i thought people are supposed to be happy when people remix their projects! not mad!
  • if you guys say all of my games are remixes, you are just wrong! most of my games are original, because if i’ve only remixed 14 games, and have around 200 projects, do the math, that’s about 15% of my games being remixes! how are they all remixes if i have 37,000 likes and 1.4 million views?
  • this is out of control
  • this is out of control!!!!!!!


  • background scene - Discussion
    background scene - Discussion
  • background scene - A Message
    background scene - A Message
  • Mooties - Sad
    Mooties - Sad
  • Mooties - Mad
    Mooties - Mad
  • Mooties1 - Sad
    Mooties1 - Sad
  • Mooties1 - Mad
    Mooties1 - Mad
  • Mooties11 - Sad
    Mooties11 - Sad
  • Mooties11 - Mad
    Mooties11 - Mad
  • Mooties111 - Sad
    Mooties111 - Sad
  • Mooties111 - Mad
    Mooties111 - Mad
  • Mooties1111 - Sad
    Mooties1111 - Sad
  • Mooties1111 - Mad
    Mooties1111 - Mad
  • Mooties11111 - Sad
    Mooties11111 - Sad
  • Mooties11111 - Mad
    Mooties11111 - Mad
  • Mooties111111 - Sad
    Mooties111111 - Sad
  • Mooties111111 - Mad
    Mooties111111 - Mad

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