mooties r 1

by Glistening Mummy



mooties r 1, a project made by Glistening Mummy using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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Text Snippets

  • would you like to know how mooties was created
  • first things first,m_magnelli steped on a blue kirby plushie and said moo. he thought that mooties would be a good name....
  • then he created lots of games featuring me(mooties)based off the kirby rip-off.
  • most of his games are remixes and he takes all of the credit!
  • the remixed games from m_magnelli are mooties clicker 2, kirby vs. mooties, mooties revenge, mooties marble race,mooties clock, cubed mooties, mooties clicker 5, mooties clicker 6,peaceful mooties,,mooties prisim,mooties space war,random mooties,dancing mooties,mooties clicker 4,shadow mooties boss,
  • baloon mooties,mooties run 2, mooties work out, mooties clicker 3(its a preview or a real game or should i say remix!) mooties theme song,scary mooties,and random mooties 1-4
  • before you go we have to make a deal...
  • remix this project and change up the mooties but do not change the code(you can add text about m_magnelli and his remixes)
  • the revolution has begun


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    background scene - image
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