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🤑 Money Journey🤑 1 4, a project made by Fantastic Magician using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


input/output, simple messaging, functions, variables, delays, advanced costume handling, simple variables, visibility, basic math, simple conditionals, simple events, simple loops, miscellaneous, layers, simple motion, text handling, simple sound playing, pen color, simple drawing, resize actor, direction and turning, program control

  • #Lines:422
  • #Actors:10
  • #Costumes:29
  • #Scripts:35

Text Snippets

  • 🤑 Money Journey🤑 1 4
  • you are a simple ordinary guy.
  • what are you going to do?
  • show lemonade stand
  • you work at a lemonade stand
  • day 1 lemonade stand done
  • hooray! you got paid $5!
  • drop money 'accidentally'
  • someone hired you for a real job
  • you are earning 10 dollars a day!
  • a day has passed
  • you have invented the light bulb!
  • a person has interviewed you for a magazine.
  • your daily wage has gone up
  • the gossip girls are talking about you!
  • gossip girlz magazine: the company inc. is selling pink everything now for october. join in on the fun. here is what one of the workers says, "the company inc. is doing a bad job. they are not paying me a lot!" though this can be some good news about the pink, it still is bad news to some. more gossip from the gossip girls next issue.
  • everyone knows you now.
  • you're making a lot of money
  • your boss fired you
  • you decided to become a lawyer
  • you are successful.
  • you forgot to pay your rent
  • your mansion burned down
  • you live in a cardboard box
  • you can't be a lawyer anymore
  • you invented the post it note
  • everybody likes you
  • you live in a house now
  • the post it note was copyrighted.
  • nobody likes you
  • you have a day job at mcdonalds
  • because you used to be a multi-millionare
  • the gossip girls magazine is talking about you
  • you're getting some bad reviews
  • gossip girlz magazine: person who made the post-it- note was actually copyrighted! about 40 years ago the post it was invented. surely he could have made it better, but he made it exactly the same. is he doing it for the money? or was he innocent? millions of money will be lost from him. "this was just an honest mistake," he says. more gossip from the gossip girls in the next issue.
  • you're getting older now
  • what are you going to do now?
  • give all your money away
  • you decided to become a doctor
  • but first you have to go to college
  • i don't want to go back to school!
  • okay then, get some rest
  • then you have to go to retirement
  • or you can give away all your money?
  • me=😶😑😐😑😐😑
  • okay! you got into your local college
  • college gossip grl
  • a person asked you why you wanted to become a doctor
  • what do you say?
  • i guess...
  • money. dat's why
  • you just noticed that it is a gossip girl!
  • gossip girlz magazine: former inventor, lawyer, and succesor just was in for the money! he is now becoming a doctor when he is 45 years old! "i was just in it for da money." he says. more gossip from your gossip girlz, in the next issue.
  • a decade later...
  • you graduated from college!
  • you went to a hospital for work
  • you are earning a lot of money
  • you have found a cure for cancer!
  • everyone is thanking you now
  • everyone is buying your medicine
  • gossip girlz magazine: the man who invented the copyrighted post it, who became a lawyer, and a doctor, found a cure for cancer! this has been a big deal across the world. give a thanks to him and forget his past wrong doing. all of this work has payed off. he says, "people won't have to suffer anymore." more gossip from the gossip girls in the next issue.
  • what do you want your future to be?
  • stop here (happy ending)
  • keep going (unkown ending)
  • you have a lot of money
  • and you made it rain
  • you are making lots of money
  • someone hacked your bank account
  • you can't make as much medicine
  • but people are still buying it
  • when you are 70 years old you have a lot of money
  • what are you going to do with your money?
  • drop money 'accidentally' 1
  • make it rain done
  • give all money away
  • well i can't do anything now...
  • okay...i will go to retirement
  • secret money dropper
  • scrooge mcduck it
  • give ALL money away
  • the gossip girlz
  • lemonade customer1
  • i want some lemonade plz
  • thank you for the lemonade.
  • adventurous music
  • gossip, gossip, yak yak

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