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Minecraft parity

by Every Access

remixed from "Creeper Rap 1" by Incompatible Bear

originally from "Creeper Rap" by Waterlogged Carpet



Minecraft parity, a project made by Every Access using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.



  • #Lines:41
  • #Actors:1
  • #Costumes:3
  • #Scripts:1

Text Snippets

  • Minecraft parity
  • song sang by dan bull. project made by canelopi and minecraft name slayergirl. capital s no space in girl please friend in minecraft please i am very lonely and i do not have any friends in minecraft
  • do not copy pls.
  • im a creeper minecrafts grim reaper.
  • blowin up blocks like ocaleda im not a creature that'll eat ya but i'll leave ya petrified.
  • inch of a mind if your mind is sweepers take another brake and you'll die in the deep.
  • i'll find your mind of a mind if it isnt your mind is mine is finders keepers.
  • oh hai im a creepa so nice nice to meet ya and is that the time its time to leave and.
  • tick tock tick tock,
  • boom boom boom!!!
  • i cant stop singing this bloody tune tune tune.
  • its gonna make my brain go,
  • boom boom boom boom
  • i do what i wanna riverside mama tick tock im a scuicide bomba.
  • i take control and im gonna leave a gapin hole and i wanna...
  • there's a preminition death by demolition.
  • if i dont come home theirs a sign in my kitchen to describe why im missin
  • ocelot ocelot fight off cats sometimes when i die i drop tracks.
  • if im feelin nice then i might not blight!!
  • boom boom boom!!
  • i cant stop singin this bloody tune tune tune!!
  • its gonna make make my brain go boom boom boom!!
  • its afishal a ballistic missle i cut through stone like a six foot chisle gonna get this rissle ffffooo shisle.
  • i will find your mind when your mining ore darling aw what you crying for did somebody break your diamond sword.
  • im like a horse with a violent force when he sees me tonight we dine indoors.
  • my hobbies and intrests include going boom boom booma!!