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Love #Crushing

by Oafish Trust

originally from "Love #Crushing" by Three Neutron



Love #Crushing, a project made by Oafish Trust using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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Text Snippets

  • hello, im destiny. this is going to be a presentation on love. i know some of you out there have a crush. im here to talk about it.
  • talking happy copy
  • do you have a crush?
  • yay! i bet they are great 😊
  • thats ok! you will find them soon!
  • talking sad copy
  • sometimes, the person you like may not like you, or they will. you can find out by asking them! honestly, im pretty shy. so that would be a problem for me!
  • what do you like to do?
  • is pretty great! i bet if you told them, they might like it like you do!
  • here, have something to drink.
  • giving something
  • anyways, heres some tips on how to get your crush to like you...
  • neutral talking 2
  • 1. see what they like to do! this is highly important, mostly because you want to have things in common in a relationship. or you have nothing to talk about and it becomes awkward.
  • what is your crushes name? just for an example. (dont have to use real name if around crush)
  • maybe if you ask
  • what they like, you can relate or practice with them!
  • number 2 fingers
  • 2. try to be funny or stay close to them. hey, you arent gonna get anywhere if they dont even know you alot.
  • might then build a connection with you.
  • im gonna have to make a part two. so goodbye and i hope you and
  • have a good time together! goodbye
  • Giving something
  • Neutral talking 2
  • Number 2 fingers