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Los Altos 6th Grader

by Faithful Straw

remixed from "Los Altos 6th Grader" by Black Nectarine

originally from "CSTEM Project Kae Loyola" by Squiggly Brain



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Puzzle, Storytelling


simple events, visibility, simple motion, delays, input/output, simple messaging, simple sound playing, advanced costume handling, simple costume handling, simple loops, direction and turning, screen bounds, advanced motion, advanced messaging, music and instruments, miscellaneous, simple conditionals, basic math

  • #Lines:399
  • #Actors:38
  • #Costumes:154
  • #Scripts:130

Text Snippets

  • Los Altos 6th Grader
  • Enter your project description here
  • hello newcomers, i am the creator of candy land
  • yes but, please stay, it is made out of candy...
  • you shouldnt have said that.
  • that silly boy and his dog will soon be sorry!
  • do you agree minion?
  • oh, you know im a genious.
  • i will come up with a brilliant plan to punish them!
  • ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...
  • traffic truck passes
  • i see them, i see them! oh buddy, do not fall asleep, we are there!
  • which way would the other one tell me leads home?
  • which path do you choose?
  • do you know how to take us home?
  • no, we better get leaving.
  • oh! i know what to ask them!
  • oh no, not again!
  • wh-what is happening to us?
  • what is your question?
  • you have asked your question, now choose your path.