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Life The Game

by Likely Triangle



Life The Game, a project made by Likely Triangle using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Animation, Simulator, Cool / Wow, Storytelling


basic math, delays, miscellaneous, simple conditionals

  • #Lines:62

Text Snippets

  • this is your charactor allen
  • right now allen is sleeping tap on him to wake up
  • allen wakes up and brushes his hair
  • your mom made your favorite breakfast what is it
  • whats for breakfast
  • your stomache says thank you
  • you get dressed and go to school
  • your the first one in class what do you do
  • do you do homework while waiting or just do nothing
  • you eat and love the pancakes your mom made
  • do you homework while your waiting or just do nothing
  • you do your homwork so you dont have to do it at home
  • you get home and say hi to your mom
  • you get in your pjs and go to bed
  • thnx for playing 30 likes and ill make a game for the what he will do on the weekend
  • you sit there akwardly while waiting
  • you do your homework and go to bed