project screenshot

Kylie’s Pet Emporium 1

by Mindless Data

originally from "Kylie’s Pet Emporium" by Simple Waterbottle



Kylie’s Pet Emporium 1, a project made by Mindless Data using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Simulator, Taking Care Of, Photo, Art, Animals


simple messaging, visibility, simple events, advanced costume handling, input/output, delays, variables, simple variables, detect conditions, layers, advanced motion, advanced events, simple motion, simple loops, program control, miscellaneous, simple conditionals, simple costume handling, resize actor, simple sound playing

  • #Lines:1990
  • #Actors:88
  • #Costumes:166
  • #Scripts:663

Text Snippets

  • Kylie’s Pet Emporium 1
  • “arf!” let’s go home new owner!
  • giving bunny food
  • yuck! eww... please don’t feed me this!
  • turn on the shower
  • awwww... i love rubber ducky! so cute!
  • yum! this is delicious!
  • ooh... what a fun looking toy!
  • aww... this isn’t my toy.
  • drawing copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy
  • tall cage bars 1
  • tall cage bars 2
  • “hooray!” let’s go home new owner!
  • “mew!” let’s go home new owner!
  • yuck! eww... please dont feed me this!
  • you found me! good job!
  • take puppy 1 home
  • Distraction Bush
  • puppy two exit button
  • drawing111112111
  • puppy three exit button
  • puppy three exit button1
  • puppy three exit button11
  • puppy three exit button111
  • puppy three exit button1111
  • puppy three exit button11111
  • distaction bush1
  • puppy three exit button112
  • puppy three exit button1121
  • puppy three exit button11211
  • puppy three exit button112111
  • filled dog food/cat food
  • Filled Dog food/Cat food
  • other rooms door
  • Other rooms door
  • i am da only one, da one
  • octopus chew toy
  • kylie’s got issues
  • woah, was that kylie? gosh, i wonder why she’s so mad. anyways, hi, i’m marià! i’m hosting a reality tv show, and i’m looking for a star, so if you’re interested, play puppy project.
  • i’ve been hit!
  • kylie!!! what have you done!?! now i’m invisible!!! (hmm, in. vis. i. ble... good screen name.) ahhh!!!
  • bottom message box