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Kirby Star Allies 2

by Scornful Planet



Kirby Star Allies 2, a project made by Scornful Planet using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




basic math, miscellaneous, simple conditionals, variables, simple variables, delays

  • #Lines:132
  • #Actors:2
  • #Costumes:2
  • #Scripts:6

Text Snippets

  • Kirby Star Allies 2
  • solo or friends?
  • alright. what place are you?
  • what? i can’t beat that!
  • oh c’mon! you failed at goldon and slivox’s level!
  • nevermind. you can connect up to 4 players at kirby star aliies! if you don’t, ask someone else to help you!
  • o.k. so what place are you? (at solo)
  • i don’t think you’re trying your best… but good job.
  • better luck next time.
  • i haven’t tried much.
  • i only tried chef kawasaki, king dedede, poppy bros. jr., bugzzy and parasol waddle dee.
  • my brother tried bio spark, nesp, susie and blade knight.
  • at guest star, who have you tried? (parasol = parasol waddle dee) (bandana = bandana waddle dee)
  • parasol’s final boss: morpho knight
  • you can answer parasol! (for short)
  • the time i’ve completed 5 levels: 1 hr 47min
  • chef kawasaki’s clan was the earliest to defeat morpho knight and finish level 5! and he was the first place to reach on kirby star allies!
  • the time my brother completed 5 levels: 1 hr 45 min
  • time i’ve completed 5 levels: 1 hr 31 min
  • levels completed: 4
  • i might try that!
  • have you finished dream land?
  • don’t worry, better luck next time!
  • have you finished planet popstar?
  • amazing! you have defeated meta knight!
  • have you finished jambastion?
  • of course! i’m sure!
  • i was really stuck.
  • wow! you’re a natural at your
  • now you and my bomb (poppy bros. jr.) clan are stuck!
  • have you finished starlight heroes?
  • no (hyness is too hard)
  • same as my chef clan and my bug/suplex clan!
  • no, morpho knight and void termina are even more harder! (parasol’s final boss)
  • now we are talking about the ultimate choice
  • the ultimate choice
  • what difflcultly number will you choose? (1= sweet breeze) (2= mild stroll) (3= zesty expedition) (4= spicy adventure) (5= sizzling threat) (6= fiery showdown) (7= infernal crisis)


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