project screenshot

Kingdom Crafter updated

by /ty tree create

originally from "Kingdom Crafter" by Therapeutic Circuit



Kingdom Crafter updated, a project made by /ty tree create using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, Animation, Simulator, Clicker, Cool / Wow, Word, Clone, App, Photo, Customizer, Animals, Battle


simple variables, variables, basic math, delays, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, functions, advanced math, simple loops, expert math, string handling, conditional loops, advanced string handling, lists

  • #Lines:1430
  • #Actors:68
  • #Costumes:79
  • #Scripts:120

Text Snippets

  • Kingdom Crafter updated
  • developer settings
  • changelog: semi-major bug fixes, partial addition of price calculator, partial addition of smart pricer to add more chalenge to the game and encouraging good inflation habits
  • bottom message box
  • running dev settings
  • location of x & y
  • number of debug clones
  • most recently called issued command
  • debug data options (list)
  • note lagg test is not for reglar game play
  • the bellow varible can have these values (on off) off shuts out your ability to change values
  • choose item ammounts
  • advancement debug
  • debug data option
  • center message box
  • orginal developer:
  • regular settings
  • items (on or off)
  • jobs (on or off)
  • castle builder time
  • hut builder time
  • stone hut builder time
  • tower builder time
  • base builder time decrease modifyer
  • to use dev abilitys change the value on use defalt to (yes)
  • please don’t change me and to disable dev abilitys change the value use default to (no)
  • choose active special effects
  • how do you want to generate your seed
  • type in your seed
  • please chose a larger number
  • please chose a smaller number
  • touch input deny
  • hello, and welcome to civilization crafter!
  • tap on the wood, wheat and stone to collect resources, and build up to the kingdom!
  • regular builders
  • stone hut builders
  • defalt size present
  • insufficient materials
  • drawing411111111
  • drawing4111111111
  • drawing41111111111
  • sorry but miners are untrainable right this moment but will be avalible later
  • villager: 1 hut,
  • village: 3 crowds, 3 huts
  • stone hut: 15 stone, 2 huts, 1 villager
  • tower: 20 stone, 2 stone huts
  • guarded wall: 25 stone, 2 towers
  • drawing161111111
  • kingdom: 100 stone, 8 guarded walls, 15 wheat, 4 villages
  • drawing1611111111
  • lumberjack: 15 wheat, 1 hut, 10 wood, 1 person
  • drawing16111111111
  • miner: 15 wheat, 1 hut, 10 stone
  • pass and gained cool new blue prints
  • drawing1611111111111
  • builder: 124 wheat, 6 hut, 3 crowds
  • builder connections
  • builder addition
  • Builder addition
  • how much money per $
  • building menu manager
  • type the name of the building
  • below get your recipe to create
  • additional building time decrease
  • that boss is not the name of any building we have
  • bottom plain message box
  • showable in the shop
  • bellow add name of job
  • debug data print
  • debug actor clone num
  • {my password is imposible}
  • [achevment] dogbert has permison to acsses hypnotic sounds he rules the world now
  • 35 acoustic bass drum
  • does not exist or is disabled currently
  • name of advancement
  • advancement name
  • what do you want to do?
  • open builders menu
  • how many builders do you want?
  • each builder is
  • can do. now training
  • trained those citizens into amazing builders
  • someone or somethings missing get more of one or more of the requirements
  • that is not a number or it is not usable please insert a number next time
  • force quiting menu sir
  • build huts sec:
  • scripting device
  • resorce per click
  • drawing1611111111112
  • farmer: 25 wheat,
  • drawing16111111111121
  • builder: 25 wheat, 1 castle
  • calculator ui back ground
  • calculator ui screen
  • choose what you want to make
  • calculator ui screen1
  • how many do you want
  • accepted running calculation
  • please see the “?” by the item you want for info on this quantity
  • 0 is not a valid number for being non useful to any equation
  • negative numbers are not allowed
  • please enter a arabic numaral number
  • anomaly detected reload tynker now (error code -1 : answer does not equate to answer)
  • error message not found (error code 404: unknown error occorance detected)