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Jomy X Fly E3 S1

by Jomy



Jomy X Fly E3 S1, a project made by Jomy using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Storytelling, Art, Animation, Cool / Wow, Photo, Virtual Friend


delays, simple loops, simple sound playing

  • #Lines:420
  • #Actors:15
  • #Costumes:44
  • #Scripts:64

Text Snippets

  • Jomy X Fly E3 S1
  • in the mega mobile
  • pe:mu:active music
  • looking for robot
  • more episodes coming soon!
  • try other jomy games if you like
  • i hope you enjoyed it!
  • have a great day!
  • thanks for watching!
  • are you sure you want to stay here for this long?
  • thanks for staying here!
  • i will tell you some news then!
  • well the update for survival space is coming in may
  • there is going to be 20 episodes per season and there are going to be 5 seasons of jomy!
  • the next episodes are coming soon!
  • that's the last bit of news!
  • ok, one last thing to say
  • trying to keep playing at the end of the next few episodes to get some more news!
  • Sc:so:sci fi theme
  • Pe:mu:active music
  • turn to the left
  • turn to the right talking
  • turn to the right
  • turn to the left talking
  • kevin move mouth
  • look what i've made!
  • i've called it the john mobile!
  • no, no, no, no, no!
  • it's called the john mobile!
  • Turn To The Left
  • Turn To The Right Talking
  • Turn To The Left Talking
  • Turn To The Right
  • but don't you think it should be called the kevin mobile?
  • why not the kevin mobile?
  • i have a plan! but i will tell you all when we get to jomy.
  • i got something to tell you both!
  • well, you know yesterday when bot came back,
  • i hacked into something which said: "we need to get rid of kevin, lucy and their team! from robot"
  • to defeat robot we need someone to fight him, that will be me,
  • we need someone who can keep in touch with me, that will be lucy,
  • we also need backup incase something goes wrong, that will be john in the john mobile,
  • how does he know that?
  • you know it should be called the jomy mobile!
  • finnally we need someone who can be my sidekick, that will be kevin.
  • kevin talking to jomy
  • hide behind lucy
  • jomy we need your help!
  • now everyone listen
  • we, um, um, does anyone else have any idea's?
  • lucy in jomy's room
  • how does he know about the john mobile?
  • john in jomy's room
  • i really don't know.
  • john's hair in the mega mobile
  • kevin and i agreed what the name of this car should be,
  • it was the mega mobile!
  • john mobile the end
  • sp:so:evil laugh
  • hi lucy and jomy!
  • you two want to fight me?
  • just watch out for the lazer beams!
  • first i will freeze you then i will...
  • Sp:so:evil laugh

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