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Itten World

by Prickly Protector

originally from "Itten World 1.1" by Square Judge



Itten World, a project made by Prickly Protector using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Simulator, Music, Animation


simple variables, basic math, variables, delays, miscellaneous, simple conditionals, advanced math, simple sound playing, string handling, simple loops

  • #Lines:2078
  • #Actors:38
  • #Costumes:133
  • #Scripts:221

Text Snippets

  • update log: changed brimstone itten to mantle itten removed tutorial and added how to play button & faq added endgame itten and coming soon
  • shop gardens copy
  • not enough money!
  • gardenshop button
  • life garden $100
  • flame itten $150
  • flame garden $200
  • fireflower itten
  • magma rock itten
  • frostplains itten
  • drawing copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy copy copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy copy copy copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy
  • you got a bushfire itten!
  • you got a fireflower itten!
  • you got a chili itten!
  • ground itten $400
  • you got an oak itten!
  • you got a sprout itten!
  • you got a compost itten!
  • you got an ash itten!
  • you got a mantle itten!
  • you got a magma rock itten!
  • ground garden $600
  • cold itten $1100
  • you got a winterbug itten!
  • you got a firtree itten!
  • you got a holly itten!
  • you got a bluelit itten!
  • you got a frostburn itten!
  • you got a lukewarm itten!
  • you got a snowball itten!
  • you got a mountain itten!
  • you got a frostplains itten!
  • some commonly asked questions about itten world: q. i'm getting lots of the same itten, where are they all going? a. you don't get to see your duplicate ittens, but they are still earning you extra money. q. i have ittens, why aren't they earning money? a. you may need to buy a garden for your ittens, gardens earn money depending on how many ittens of the corresponding element you have. q. what is the best way to get money fast? a. buy two ittens and a garden and breed those two lots of times so you earn money quicker. q. how do i breed my hybrid ittens with one another? a. you cannot do that yet, right now it is possible to get all ittens just from breeding with life, flame, ground and cold ittens. in the next update, there will be tertiary ittens able to be bred using a new feature called the retronomic breedulator. q. what happens when i get every single itten? a. you can read the updates coming soon! and unlock a super special new itten!
  • how to play itten world: thankyou for clicking on this game, you have got to try and collect every single breed of itten! first, go to the shop, and buy a life itten and a life garden. then, get a partner itten and tap on the heart to start breeding! collect more ittens to make more money, and breed them to make awesome hybrid ittens! hope you enjoy this game, please don't copy, and i will be making an upgrade if i get more than 50 likes!
  • how to use the breeding tree: tap the first itten you want to breed until it goes into the bottom right spot. then tap the second ittem you want to breed to move it into the bottom left spot. if you make a mistake, tap your itten until it moves back to the top. once you have filled up both of the bottom spots with your desired pair, press breed to start the breeding process. wait patiently until the time is up and you get your new itten! if you don't want to breed or the game glitches for some reason, click back to reset the breeding tree.
  • wylise - princess of ittens
  • i am princess wylise of the ittens.
  • i have come because you have collected all of the ittens that currently exist.
  • congratulations!
  • now, i can get to work on the retronomic breedulator so you can breed even more ittens!
  • remember to like this project and tap on me to read the updates coming soon!
  • congratulations on completing the game! an update will come out if this gets over 50 likes and these are some of the features: 2 new itten elements; water and electric! the retronomic breedulator, breed hybrid ittens to make special rare ittens! book of ittens; see what ittens you do and don't have! island 2; with the introduction of more ittens, there will be 2 islands for all of your ittens! and lots and lots of brand new exciting ittens like the volcano itten, the mega cherry itten, the rainbow itten, and the reindeer itten! continue to support itten world and i may make ittenverse: fight! , a game where ittens learn to battle, and itten world travel edition; travel the world with landmark ittens! thank you so much for playing and i hope you have a great day! :)
  • cold garden $1750