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House Tycoon 1

by Bogus Quiz



House Tycoon 1, a project made by Bogus Quiz using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Strategy, Clicker, Photo, Art


simple events, visibility, simple messaging, simple loops, input/output, delays, variables, layers, text handling, simple conditionals, advanced costume handling, simple variables, miscellaneous, detect conditions, simple motion, expert math, advanced motion, direction and turning, program control

  • #Lines:219
  • #Actors:19
  • #Costumes:23
  • #Scripts:60

Text Snippets

  • this is a game where you buy houses the main goal in this game is to get houses by earning money to get money you can tap the noob to get $10 for each tap. $5 for each apple you pick the apples respawns every 3 can cut down the tree for $300 whitch respawns every 3 secs while you are doing that your house makes you $20 per sec you can upgrade that buy buying a new house!
  • with this house you can get $10,000 every 1 second!
  • with this house you can get $5000 every 2 seconds!
  • with this house you get $1000 every three seconds!
  • with this house you can well only 20 per 1 sec!
  • drawing copy copy