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Hard Holloween Boss Battle! aidan



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Game, Arcade, Boss Fight, Art, Animation, Storytelling, Social, My News, Cool / Wow


delays, simple variables, basic math, simple conditionals, variables, simple loops, advanced math

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Text Snippets

  • Hard Holloween Boss Battle! aidan
  • caution : this part is very similar to "the omega flowey fight" and "hard robot boss battle", but i only gained inspiration, and i didn't copy either one of them.
  • left.
  • holloween's health:
  • left.
  • thank you for playing! please heart this project if you like it. don't copy, or please give credit!
  • thx for 1000 likes! in less then a year
  • well, thank you for not killing me.
  • but i will kill you!!!
  • very well then...
  • halloween battle mode
  • halloween's dead
  • i thought i could destroy you.....
  • i was only a little apple seed once.
  • nuclear waste made me a monster.
  • people called me halloween, just because i look like this.
  • i was then destroyed by guns and bombs.
  • people sang victory songs.
  • but my conciousness were kept in a computer.
  • then, years later, a boy with a strange box on his head found me.
  • he said his name was mr box
  • he reconstructed me with his incredible java skill.
  • and after all these year, i finally had stronger power then i used to have.
  • i'm not just a conciousness. i'm real. i'm standing here telling the story.
  • and before i disappear, i want to say something.
  • you are the first one to defeat me except for mr box
  • you have the power to save the world
  • don't worry about me, i can reconstruct myself.
  • but for the first one to defeat me, your have the right to be my new friend.
  • and congrats, human, you earned my respect.
  • horozontal bullet
  • well, have you finally came here to finish me off?
  • look human, here's the thing.
  • you can't kill me just because i'm a monster.
  • so, do you want to go back and tell everyone there's no need to kill me?
  • Halloween battle mode
  • spaceship bullet
  • sight of halloween x
  • tracking laser x
  • sight of halloween y
  • tracking laser y

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