Grumpy Cat's Adventure!

by Equatorial Snake



Grumpy Cat's Adventure!, a project made by Equatorial Snake using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


input/output, delays, simple messaging, visibility, advanced animation, advanced costume handling, simple events, simple sound playing, simple loops

  • #Lines:125
  • #Actors:5
  • #Costumes:8
  • #Scripts:13

Text Snippets

  • Grumpy Cat's Adventure!
  • abandoned houses
  • you may know me as...
  • g r u m p y. c a t
  • no, i did not say jeesee, i said gc!
  • go away unless you want grumpitis
  • you are still here? oh well, grumpitis powers... go!
  • ugh, you are so cheerful it didn't work on you.
  • i am just going to ignore you. whenever i talk, i am talking to myself, got it? from now on... ignoring powers activate. n o w.
  • this place has too much chit-chat and laughter. i have to go somewhere else, can you he-
  • la la la, la la la... la la la la! lalalalala.
  • ahhhh! get away from me! get away! ahhhhhh!
  • get. a. way. now.
  • ahh, much better.
  • something between us? yeah, me too.
  • you squished your banana, you chimp. of course i wish there was something between us! i wish there was a wall between us.
  • bye, bye weird looking chimpanzee-thingy in the middle of the desert.
  • no chimp-ape-monkey-thingies here! ahh, this is the life...
  • ⚡️of a cat who never gets anything⚡️
  • jennakittydie(ish)
  • hmm... so your ugly child, jenna, sacrificed herself for me? great! now... bye bye,
  • one good thing that happened today!
  • what?! i must notice you now. anyway, what is this you are telling me? that ugly, mean, infuriating, spoilt, disgusting, whiny, and... and... and... horrible girl survived!
  • oh, never mind. i know what type of person you are. there are two types of people and animals...
  • and i never make friends with any of them
  • you are annoying me.
  • fine, i will go away!
  • ♥️❤️that... cat... is... so... pretty❣️♥️❤️
  • you're pretty, i wish there was-
  • gorilla surprised
  • where. is. my. kitty!?! wait... no! it was all a dream... no, no, no...
  • mommy, daddy! that kitty is sooo cute and sooo fluffy! mommy, daddy, are you listening?! i am gonna die if you don't get me that kitty! so cute, so soft, so furry, so cute, so soft, so furry...
  • side emote angry
  • i want this kitty! look at it's pretty blue eyes, blue eyes, blue eyes... blue ey-
  • hush, don. yes, jenna, i do not know what kitty you are talking about, it was a dream... you will have your kitty in your dreams, do not worry!
  • okay, jenna darling. are you sure you want it? we have lots of better, cleaner and furrier cats in our neighbourhood!
  • jenna! jenna darling! jenna, stop being such a naughty little girl! jenna, jenna! jenna? jenna?
  • kitty! come here kitty... meow, meow🐱
  • darling, i know you love this cat but chloe, i mean mummy, is right. we have much better kitties in our neighbourhood!
  • jenna? j e n n a. you naughty child! come on, wake up! you have homework to do! jenna! i'll clean out all your dolls! jenna! jenna, jenna, jenna...
  • what happened to jenna, chloe?
  • it was not a dre-


  • background scene - fantasy stage
    background scene - fantasy stage
  • background scene - desert
    background scene - desert
  • background scene - Abandoned houses
    background scene - Abandoned houses
  • background scene - drawing
    background scene - drawing
  • actor - grumpy cat
    actor - grumpy cat
  • gorilla - gorillalove
    gorilla - gorillalove
  • gorilla - gorilla1
    gorilla - gorilla1
  • gorilla - angry bear
    gorilla - angry bear
  • gorilla - gorilla surprised
    gorilla - gorilla surprised

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