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Girl Dress Up! 1

by OiLViA LoL

originally from "Girl Dress Up! 1" by Robust Hurry



Girl Dress Up! 1, a project made by OiLViA LoL using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.

Text Snippets

  • i added a few tweaks to it.pls no copying my project!
  • touch the radio for music!
  • i added more girls to use!i hope you guys like it!100 likes and i might add 1 or 2 new outfits or give the girl long hair!you can mix and match everything to fit what you think is fashionable or not!i also added 2 look alikes with different hair color and under clothes.there is also a girl with a braid!new arrangments for the clothes are dresses one the right and shirts on the left!you may see my name as worst check or wildfarmer but it’s still me!if you see my spot the difference! game you will see my mark to show it is mine!
  • i recently added 1 new girl that i hope you like! -wildfarmer/worst check/c!
  • oh!i was also thinking about headphones instead of the headband that looks like a bonnet so i changed it...
  • drawing copy 2 copy copy
  • drawing copy 2 copy
  • double ponytails
  • drawing copy 2 copy 1